ToolTip.Finalize Method


在垃圾回收器回收 Cursor 之前,释放非托管资源并执行其他清理操作。Releases the unmanaged resources and performs other cleanup operations before the Cursor is reclaimed by the garbage collector.

!ToolTip ()
~ToolTip ();
override this.Finalize : unit -> unit
Finalize ()


此方法重写 Object.FinalizeThis method overrides Object.Finalize. 应用程序代码不应调用此方法;在垃圾回收过程中会自动调用对象的 Finalize 方法,除非已通过调用 GC.SuppressFinalize 方法禁用了垃圾回收器终止。Application code should not call this method; an object's Finalize method is automatically invoked during garbage collection, unless finalization by the garbage collector has been disabled by a call to the GC.SuppressFinalize method. 有关详细信息,请参阅Finalize 方法和析构函数清理非托管资源重写 Finalize 方法For more information, see Finalize Methods and Destructors, Cleaning Up Unmanaged Resources, and Overriding the Finalize Method.

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