ToolTip.RemoveAll Method


移除当前与工具提示组件关联的所有工具提示文本。Removes all ToolTip text currently associated with the ToolTip component.

 void RemoveAll();
public void RemoveAll ();
member this.RemoveAll : unit -> unit
Public Sub RemoveAll ()


您可以使用此方法删除所有关联控件的 ToolTip 组件关联的所有工具提示文本。You can use this method to remove all ToolTip text that is associated with the ToolTip component for all associated controls. 若要改为禁用文本显示,请使用 Active 属性。To disable the display of text instead, use the Active property. 若要更改单个关联控件的文本,请使用 SetToolTip 方法。To change the text for a single associated control, use the SetToolTip method.

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