BackgroundType 枚举


指定视觉样式元素的背景的源。Specifies the source of a visual style element's background.

public enum class BackgroundType
public enum BackgroundType
type BackgroundType = 
Public Enum BackgroundType


BorderFill 1

该元素的背景为以某种颜色或图案填充的矩形。The background of the element is a rectangle filled with a color or pattern.

ImageFile 0

该元素的背景为位图。The background of the element is a bitmap. 如果设置了此值,则与 ImageFile 值对应的属性将包含一个有效图像文件的名称。If this value is set, then the property corresponding to the ImageFile value will contain the name of a valid image file.

None 2

该元素没有背景。The element has no background.


视觉样式元素的背景可以是位图图像、实心矩形或 nothing。The background of a visual style element can be a bitmap image, a filled rectangle, or nothing. 值表示GetEnumValueEnumProperty.BackgroundType使用参数值调用方法时该方法的返回值。 BackgroundTypeThe BackgroundType values represent the return values of the GetEnumValue method when it is called with an argument value of EnumProperty.BackgroundType.