TabletHardwareCapabilities 枚举


定义指定 Tablet 设备(包括桌面数字化仪和鼠标)的硬件功能的值。Defines values that specify the hardware capabilities of a tablet device, including desktop digitizers and mice.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

public enum class TabletHardwareCapabilities
public enum TabletHardwareCapabilities
type TabletHardwareCapabilities = 
Public Enum TabletHardwareCapabilities


HardProximity 4

指示当触笔位于 Tablet 设备的物理检测范围内(或接近该范围)时,该 Tablet 设备可生成 in-air packet。Indicates the tablet device can generate in-air packets when the stylus is in the physical detection range (proximity) of the tablet device.

Integrated 1

指示数字化仪可与显示器集成。Indicates the digitizer is integrated with the display.

None 0

指示 Tablet 设备无法提供此信息。Indicates the tablet device cannot provide this information.

StylusHasPhysicalIds 8

指示 Tablet 设备只可标识活动触笔。Indicates the tablet device can uniquely identify the active stylus.

StylusMustTouch 2

指示触笔必须与 Tablet 设备进行物理连接,才能报告其位置。Indicates the stylus must be in physical contact with the tablet device to report its position.

SupportsPressure 1073741824

指示 Tablet 设备可检测用户在使用触笔时所施加的压力。Indicates that the tablet device can detect the amount of pressure the user applies when using the stylus.


下面的示例演示如何确定 tablet 设备的硬件功能。The following example demonstrates how to determine the hardware capabilities of a tablet device.

if ((Tablet.CurrentTabletDevice.TabletHardwareCapabilities
   & TabletHardwareCapabilities.SupportsPressure) ==
    textbox1.AppendText("The tablet can detect the pressure of the teblet pen.");
If ((Tablet.CurrentTabletDevice.TabletHardwareCapabilities And _
     TabletHardwareCapabilities.SupportsPressure) = _
     TabletHardwareCapabilities.SupportsPressure) Then

    textbox1.AppendText("The tablet can detect the pressure of the teblet pen.")
End If


此枚举有一个允许其成员值按位组合的 FlagsAttribute 属性。This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.