PointAnimationUsingKeyFrames.GetAsFrozenCore(Freezable) 方法


使此实例成为指定的 PointAnimationUsingKeyFrames 对象的克隆。Makes this instance a clone of the specified PointAnimationUsingKeyFrames object.

 override void GetAsFrozenCore(System::Windows::Freezable ^ source);
protected override void GetAsFrozenCore (System.Windows.Freezable source);
override this.GetAsFrozenCore : System.Windows.Freezable -> unit
Protected Overrides Sub GetAsFrozenCore (source As Freezable)



要克隆的 PointAnimationUsingKeyFrames 对象。The PointAnimationUsingKeyFrames object to clone.


在复制依赖项属性时,此方法会复制资源引用和数据绑定(但可能不再解析),但不复制动画或其当前值。When copying dependency properties, this method copies resource references and data bindings (but they might no longer resolve) but not animations or their current values. 请注意,如果这些属性包含资源引用或数据绑定, GetAsFrozen 则在尝试冻结对象并引发时会失败 InvalidOperationExceptionNote that if these properties contain resource references or data bindings, GetAsFrozen will fail when trying to freeze the object and will throw an InvalidOperationException.

此方法由方法调用, GetAsFrozen 不应在代码中直接调用,除非在重写此方法时调用基实现。This method is called by the GetAsFrozen method and should not be called directly from your code, except when calling the base implementation while overriding this method. 若要创建当前对象的冻结副本,请调用, GetAsFrozen 而不是直接调用此方法。To create a frozen copy of the current object, call GetAsFrozen instead of calling this method directly.

有关详细信息,请参阅 Freezable.GetAsFrozenCoreFor more information, see Freezable.GetAsFrozenCore.