SkewTransform.CloneCurrentValue 方法


通过制作此 SkewTransform 对象的值的深层副本来创建它的可修改副本。Creates a modifiable copy of this SkewTransform object by making deep copies of its values. 此方法不复制资源引用、数据绑定或动画,但复制其当前值。This method does not copy resource references, data bindings, or animations, although it does copy their current values.

 System::Windows::Media::SkewTransform ^ CloneCurrentValue();
public System.Windows.Media.SkewTransform CloneCurrentValue ();
override this.CloneCurrentValue : unit -> System.Windows.Media.SkewTransform
Public Function CloneCurrentValue () As SkewTransform


当前对象的可修改深层副本。A modifiable deep copy of the current object. 即使源的 IsFrozen 属性为 false,已克隆的对象的 IsFrozen 属性仍为 trueThe IsFrozen property of the cloned object is false even if the IsFrozen property of the source is true.


使用此方法可生成只读 Freezable 对象的可修改副本。Use this method to produce modifiable copies of read-only Freezable objects. 为方便起见,此方法使用强类型实现隐藏了继承的版本。For convenience, this method shadows the inherited version with a strongly typed implementation.

有关详细信息,请参阅 Freezable.CloneCurrentValueFor more information, see Freezable.CloneCurrentValue.