XNode.NodesAfterSelf 方法


按文档顺序返回此节点后的同级节点的集合。Returns a collection of the sibling nodes after this node, in document order.

 System::Collections::Generic::IEnumerable<System::Xml::Linq::XNode ^> ^ NodesAfterSelf();
public System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<System.Xml.Linq.XNode> NodesAfterSelf ();
member this.NodesAfterSelf : unit -> seq<System.Xml.Linq.XNode>
Public Function NodesAfterSelf () As IEnumerable(Of XNode)
Public Iterator Function NodesAfterSelf () As IEnumerable(Of XNode)


此节点后同级节点(按文档顺序排列)的 XNodeIEnumerable<T>An IEnumerable<T> of XNode of the sibling nodes after this node, in document order.


下面的示例创建一个 XML 树,然后使用此轴方法查询该树。The following example creates an XML tree, and then queries the tree using this axis method.

XElement xmlTree = new XElement("Root",  
    new XText("Text content."),  
    new XElement("Child1", "child1 content"),  
    new XElement("Child2", "child2 content"),  
    new XText("More text content."),  
    new XElement("child3", "child3 content")  
XElement child = xmlTree.Element("Child2");  
IEnumerable<XNode> nodes =  
    from node in child.NodesAfterSelf()  
    select node;  
foreach (XNode node in nodes)  
    Console.WriteLine("Node type: {0}  {1}",  
        node.NodeType == XmlNodeType.Text ? (node as XText).Value : "");  
Dim xmlTree As XElement = New XElement("Root", _New XText("Text content."), _  
    New XElement("Child1", "child1 content"), _  
    New XElement("Child2", "child2 content"), _  
    New XText("More text content."), _  
    New XElement("child3", "child3 content") _  
Dim child As XElement = xmlTree.Element("Child2")  
Dim nodes As IEnumerable(Of XNode) = _  
    From node In child.NodesAfterSelf() _  
    Select node  
For Each node As XNode In nodes  
    Dim s As String = ""  
    If node.NodeType = XmlNodeType.Text Then  
        s = DirectCast(node, XText).Value  
    End If  
    Console.WriteLine("Node type: {0}  {1}", node.NodeType, s)  

该示例产生下面的输出:This example produces the following output:

Node type: Text  More text content.  
Node type: Element  


此方法仅在返回的集合中包含同级。This method only includes siblings in the returned collection. 它不包括后代。It does not include descendants.

此方法使用延迟执行。This method uses deferred execution.