" <typename> " 是一个泛型类型,需要类型参数'<typename>' is a generic type and requires type arguments

变量、过程参数或函数返回声明具有泛型类类型或结构类型,但是此声明未提供任何类型参数。A variable, procedure parameter, or function return is declared to have the type of a generic class or structure, but the declaration does not supply any type arguments.

按其性质,使用至少一个类型参数定义每个泛型类和结构。By its nature, every generic class and structure is defined with at least one type parameter. 当使用泛型类型来声明构造的类或结构时,必须为每个由泛型类型定义的类型形参提供一个类型实参。When you use a generic type to declare a constructed class or structure, you must supply a type argument for every type parameter defined by the generic type.

错误 ID: BC32076Error ID: BC32076

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  • 将类型列表添加到声明,用括号括起来并以 Of 关键字开头。Add a type list to the declaration, enclosed in parentheses and beginning with the Of keyword.

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