实体框架的 Microsoft 案例研究Microsoft Case Studies for Entity Framework

此页上的案例研究重点介绍了几个实体框架的实际生产项目。The case studies on this page highlight a few real-world production projects that have employed Entity Framework.


这些案例研究的详细版本在 Microsoft 网站上不再可用。The detailed versions of these case studies are no longer available on the Microsoft website. 因此,这些链接已被删除。Therefore the links have been removed.


Epicor 是一家大型的全球软件公司 (在400多个开发人员) ,为超过150个国家/地区的公司开发企业资源规划 (ERP) 解决方案。Epicor is a large global software company (with over 400 developers) that develops Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for companies in more than 150 countries. 其旗舰版产品 Epicor 9 基于面向服务的体系结构, (使用 .NET Framework 的 SOA) 。Their flagship product, Epicor 9, is based on a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) using the .NET Framework. 面对大量客户请求, (LINQ) 提供对语言集成查询的支持,并希望在其后端 SQL Server 上减少负载,团队决定升级到 Visual Studio 2010 和 .NET Framework 4.0。Faced with numerous customer requests to provide support for Language Integrated Query (LINQ), and also wanting to reduce the load on their back-end SQL Servers, the team decided to upgrade to Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0. 使用实体框架4.0,它们能够实现这些目标,同时大大简化了开发和维护工作。Using the Entity Framework 4.0, they were able to achieve these goals and also greatly simplify development and maintenance. 具体而言,实体框架的丰富 T4 支持使其能够完全控制其生成的代码,并自动生成性能保存功能,如预编译查询和缓存。In particular, the Entity Framework’s rich T4 support allowed them to take full control of their generated code and automatically build in performance-saving features such as pre-compiled queries and caching.

"我们最近使用现有代码执行了一些性能测试,并可以减少 90% SQL Server 的请求数。“We conducted some performance tests recently with existing code, and we were able to reduce the requests to SQL Server by 90 percent. 这是因为 ADO.NET 实体框架 4. "That is because of the ADO.NET Entity Framework 4.” – Erik Johnson,副总裁,产品研究– Erik Johnson, Vice President, Product Research

精确性解决方案Veracity Solutions

收购了一个事件规划软件系统,该系统会很难维护和扩展精确性的长期解决方案,使用 Visual Studio 2010 将其重新编写为内置于 Silverlight 4 的功能强大且易于使用的丰富 Internet 应用程序。Having acquired an event-planning software system that was going to be difficult to maintain and extend over the long-term, Veracity Solutions used Visual Studio 2010 to re-write it as a powerful and easy-to-use Rich Internet Application built on Silverlight 4. 使用 .NET RIA 服务,他们能够在实体框架上快速构建一个服务层,以避免在不同的层对常见验证和身份验证逻辑进行代码重复和允许。Using .NET RIA Services, they were able to quickly build a service layer on top of the Entity Framework that avoided code duplication and allowed for common validation and authentication logic across tiers.

"我们在第一次推出时实体框架销售,而实体框架4已证实更好。“We were sold on the Entity Framework when it was first introduced, and the Entity Framework 4 has proven to be even better. 工具经过改进,可以更轻松地操作定义概念模型、存储模型和这些模型之间的映射的 .edmx 文件。使用实体框架,我可以将数据访问层作为一天的工作,并在我开始时进行构建。Tooling is improved, and it’s easier to manipulate the .edmx files that define the conceptual model, storage model, and mapping between those models... With the Entity Framework, I can get that data access layer working in a day—and build it out as I go along. 实体框架是我们事实上的数据访问层;我不知道什么人不会使用它。 "The Entity Framework is our de facto data access layer; I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t use it.” – Joe McBride,资深开发人员– Joe McBride, Senior Developer

北美洲显示的 NEC 解决方案NEC Display Solutions of America

NEC 需要为基于数字位置的广告输入市场,并提供一种解决方案,让广告商和网络所有者受益并增加自己的收入。NEC wanted to enter the market for digital place-based advertising with a solution to benefit advertisers and network owners and increase its own revenues. 为此,它会启动一对 web 应用程序,以自动执行传统 ad 活动中需要的手动过程。In order to do that, it launched a pair of web applications that automate the manual processes required in a traditional ad campaign. 这些站点是使用 ASP.NET、Silverlight 3、AJAX 和 WCF 生成的,以及在数据访问层中的实体框架与 SQL Server 2008 进行通信。The sites were built using ASP.NET, Silverlight 3, AJAX and WCF, along with the Entity Framework in the data access layer to talk to SQL Server 2008.

"借助 SQL Server,我们认为我们可以获得所需的吞吐量,以提供实时信息和可靠性来帮助广告商和网络,从而帮助确保关键任务应用程序中的信息始终可用"-Mike Corcoran,IT 主管“With SQL Server, we felt we could get the throughput we needed to serve advertisers and networks with information in real time and the reliability to help ensure that the information in our mission-critical applications would always be available”- Mike Corcoran, Director of IT

达尔文维度Darwin Dimensions

使用范围广泛的 Microsoft 技术,达尔文的团队设置为创建 Evolver-一个在线虚拟形象门户,使用者可以使用它创建令人惊叹的、逼真的头像,以便在游戏、动画和社交网络页面上使用。Using a wide range of Microsoft technologies, the team at Darwin set out to create Evolver - an online avatar portal that consumers could use to create stunning, lifelike avatars for use in games, animations, and social networking pages. 随着实体框架的工作效率优势,并将 Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) 和 Windows Server AppFabric 等组件拉入到高度可扩展的内存中应用程序缓存 (,团队能够以35% 的开发时间提供令人惊叹的产品。With the productivity benefits of the Entity Framework, and pulling in components like Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) and Windows Server AppFabric (a highly-scalable in-memory application cache), the team was able to deliver an amazing product in 35% less development time. 即使团队成员拆分到多个国家/地区,团队仍遵循每周发布的敏捷开发流程。Despite having team members split across multiple countries, the team following an agile development process with weekly releases.

"我们不会尝试创建技术来实现技术。“We try not to create technology for technology’s sake. 作为一种启动方式,我们需要利用可节省时间和资金的技术,这一点非常重要。As a startup, it is crucial that we leverage technology that saves time and money. .NET 是用于快速、经济高效的开发的选择。.NET was the choice for fast, cost-effective development.” – Zachary Olsen,建筑师– Zachary Olsen, Architect


由于为中小型餐厅组开发销售网点 (POS) 解决方案的经验超过了15年,Silverware 的开发团队为增强其产品提供更多企业级功能,以吸引更大的餐馆链。With more than 15 years of experience in developing point-of-sale (POS) solutions for small and midsize restaurant groups, the development team at Silverware set out to enhance their product with more enterprise-level features in order to attract larger restaurant chains. 使用最新版本的 Microsoft 开发工具,能够比以前更快地构建新解决方案。Using the latest version of Microsoft’s development tools, they were able to build the new solution four times faster than before. LINQ 和实体框架等关键新功能使得从 Crystal 报表移到 SQL Server 2008,并 SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 来实现其数据存储和报告需求。Key new features like LINQ and the Entity Framework made it easier to move from Crystal Reports to SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for their data storage and reporting needs.

"有效的数据管理是 SilverWare 成功的关键,这就是我们决定采用 SQL Reporting 的原因。"“Effective data management is key to the success of SilverWare – and this is why we decided to adopt SQL Reporting.” -IT/软件工程主管 Nicholas Romanidis- Nicholas Romanidis, Director of IT/Software Engineering