BYOD 摘要和其他资源BYOD Summary and Additional Resources

在确定你环境中的要求和约束,并评估本文档中详细说明的每条设计考虑事项之后,你可以创建最符合自己独特需求的 BYOD 基础结构设计。After identifying the requirements and constraints in your environment and then evaluating each of the design considerations detailed in this document, you can create a BYOD infrastructure design that best meets your unique needs. 然后,可以在测试环境中实现 BYOD 基础架构设计、进行测试,并将其部署到生产中。Then, you can implement the BYOD infrastructure design in a test environment, test it, and deploy it to production.

我们建议你查看并熟悉以下用于 BYOD 问题域的资源。We recommend that you review and familiarize yourself with the following resources for the BYOD problem domain.

其他资源Additional resources

有关与 BYOD 方案相关的解决方案,请参阅:For solutions related to the BYOD scenario, see: