使用屏幕阅读器向 Exchange 管理中心添加新设备邮箱Use a screen reader to add a new equipment mailbox in the Exchange admin center

在任何打印机、 投影仪、 或其他设备连接到企业网络,使用键盘和任何屏幕阅读器 Exchange 管理员中心 (EAC) 中创建邮箱。Create mailboxes in the Exchange admin center (EAC) for any printer, projector, or other device attached to your corporate network, by using your keyboard and any screen reader.

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入门Get started

使用 Internet Explorer 和键盘快捷方式进行导航,并确保您具有在 EAC 中操作所需的适当 Office 365 订阅和管理角色。然后,打开 EAC 并开始操作。Navigate with Internet Explorer and keyboard shortcuts, and make sure that you have the appropriate Office 365 subscription and admin role to work in the EAC. Then, open the EAC and get started.

使用浏览器和键盘在 EAC 中导航Use your browser and keyboard to navigate in the EAC

Exchange Online 中,其中包括 EAC 中,是基于 web 的应用程序,因此的键盘快捷方式和导航不同 Exchange 中可能 2016年。Exchange 管理中心中的辅助功能Exchange Online, which includes the EAC, is a web-based application, so the keyboard shortcuts and navigation may be different from those in Exchange 2016. Accessibility in the Exchange admin center.

使用 EAC 在 Exchange Online 时获得最佳结果,为您的浏览器中使用 Internet Explorer。了解有关 Internet Explorer 键盘快捷方式For best results when working in the EAC in Exchange Online, use Internet Explorer as your browser. Learn more about Internet Explorer keyboard shortcuts.

EAC 中的许多任务要求使用弹出窗口,因此请确保在您的浏览器中enable pop-up windows for Office 365Many tasks in the EAC require the use of pop-up windows so, in your browser, be sure to enable pop-up windows for Office 365.

确认您的 Office 365 订阅计划Confirm your Office 365 subscription plan

Exchange Online 包括在 Office 365 企业版和企业订阅计划;但是,功能可能因计划。在 EAC 中不包含本文中所述的函数,如果您计划可能不包括它。Exchange Online is included in Office 365 business and enterprise subscription plans; however, capabilities may differ by plan. If your EAC doesn't include a function described in this article, your plan might not include it.

有关您的订阅计划中的 Exchange Online 功能的详细信息,请转到哪些 Office 365 业务产品或许可证我有?Exchange Online Service Description。For more information about the Exchange Online capabilities in your subscription plan, go to What Office 365 business product or license do I have? and Exchange Online Service Description..

打开 EAC 并确认您的管理员角色Open the EAC, and confirm your admin role

若要添加新的设备邮箱,并使用屏幕阅读器打开 Exchange 管理中心检查的 Office 365 全局管理员将您分配到的 Organization Management 管理角色组。了解如何使用屏幕阅读器来标识您在 Exchange 管理中心中的管理角色To add a new equipment mailbox, Use a screen reader to open the Exchange admin center and check that your Office 365 global administrator has assigned you to the Organization Management admin role group. Learn how to Use a screen reader to identify your admin role in the Exchange admin center

添加新设备邮箱Add a new equipment mailbox

  1. 在 EAC 中仪表板 (主页) 页面后,要导航到页面正文中,请按 Ctrl + F6。您听到"欢迎使用"。After you are on the EAC Dashboard (home) page, to navigate to the page body, press Ctrl+F6. You hear "Welcome."

  2. 按 Tab 键,直到您听到"Resources"即第二个链接之后"收件人"。Press the Tab key until you hear "Resources," which is the second link after "Recipients."

  3. 若要转到邮箱页面上的资源选项卡,请按 Enter。焦点在资源选项卡上。To go to the Resources tab on the Mailboxes page, press Enter. The focus is on the Resources tab.

  4. 若要转到资源窗格中的新建按钮,请按 Ctrl + F6。您听到"新按钮"。To get to the New button in the Resources pane, press Ctrl+F6. You hear "New button."

  5. 若要打开新建项目子菜单,请按空格键。To open the New Item submenu, press Spacebar.

  6. 若要转到的设备邮箱选项,请按向下箭头键。您听到"设备邮箱"。(讲述人消息,内容为"空行。")To go to the Equipment Mailbox option, press the Down Arrow key. You hear "Equipment mailbox." (Narrator says, "Blank line.")

  7. 在弹出窗口中打开新设备邮箱窗体,请按 Enter。您听到的 URL 的弹出窗口和,最终,"设备名称"。在设备名称框中有焦点。To open a New Equipment Mailbox form in a pop-up window, press Enter. You hear the URL of the pop-up window and, eventually, "Equipment name." The focus is in the Equipment Name box.

    • > [!TIP] > 在此窗体上只有三个框:设备名电子邮件地址。这三个框均需填写。There are only three boxes on this form: Equipment Name, Email Address, and Domain. All three are required.
  8. 键入设备的名称,然后将移动到电子邮件地址框中,按下 Tab 键。您听到"电子邮件地址。"Type in the name of the device and, to move to the Email Address box, press the Tab key. You hear "Email address."

    • > [!TIP] > 此名称将显示在用户的 Outlook 通讯簿。若要使用户更轻松地查找聊天室,请使用组织内一致的命名约定。This name will appear in users' Outlook Address Book. To make rooms easier for users to find, use a consistent naming convention within your organization.
  9. 电子邮件地址是必填项。键入电子邮件地址的第一部分(@前面的部分),然后请按 Tab 键以获取域的下拉列表。听到所选的域选项。The email address is also required. Type in the first portion of the email address (before the at sign) and, to get to the domain drop-down list, press the Tab key. You hear the selected domain option.

  10. 如果域下拉菜单中的默认选项不是您想要选择的域,请按向下箭头键以访问其他可用的域。当您在可用的选项间移动时,会听到域名和后缀。当您找到想要使用的域后,请按 Enter 以选择该域。If the default selection in the domain drop-down menu is not the domain you want to choose, to access other available domains, press the Down Arrow key. As you move through the available options, you hear the domain name and suffix. When you find the domain you want to use, to select it, press Enter.

    • > [!TIP] > 不能在域框中键入任何值。它是预填充的下拉列表。若要将域添加到该下拉列表中,请联系您的 Office 管理员。You cannot type any values into the domain box. It is a prepopulated drop-down list. To add domains to that drop-down list, contact your Office admin.
  11. 若要转到保存按钮,请按 Tab 键。您听到"保存"。To go to the Save button, press the Tab key. You hear "Save."

  12. 按 Enter。这将保存您创建的值分配,您和弹出窗口关闭,返回到资源列表资源选项卡上的邮箱。Focus 是新邮箱按钮上。您听到"新邮箱"。Press Enter. This saves the mailbox you created with the values you assigned, and the pop-up window closes, returning you to the Resources list on the Resources tab. The focus is on the New Mailbox button. You hear "New mailbox."

    • > [!TIP] > 保存新邮箱并关闭弹出窗口可能需要几分钟的时间。在此等待时间听不到任何其他反馈。It may take a few minutes to save the new mailbox and close the pop-up window. You do not hear any additional feedback during this wait time.

如果想向新会议室邮箱添加其他信息,请在 Exchange Online 上了解有关在 EAC 中使用屏幕阅读器以使用邮箱属性和选项的所有可用选项的详细信息。If you want to add additional information to your new room mailbox, learn about all the options available in Use a screen reader to use mailbox properties and options in EAC on Exchange Online.

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