Not元素表示对其包含的搜索表达式的布尔值求反的搜索表达式。The Not element represents a search expression that negates the Boolean value of the search expression that it contains.



属性和元素Attributes and elements

下面各部分介绍了属性、子元素和父元素。The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and parent elements.



子元素Child elements

元素Element 说明Description
表示某个限制范围内表达式的基类。Represents the base class for expressions within a restriction.

必须将以下元素之一替换为 SearchExpression 元素:One of the following elements must be substituted for the SearchExpression element:

- 存在- Exists
- 除外- Excludes
- IsEqualTo- IsEqualTo
- IsNotEqualTo- IsNotEqualTo
- IsGreaterThan- IsGreaterThan
- IsGreaterThanOrEqualTo- IsGreaterThanOrEqualTo
- IsLessThan- IsLessThan
- IsLessThanOrEqualTo- IsLessThanOrEqualTo
- 包含- Contains
- 不要- Not
- - And
- - Or

父元素Parent elements

元素Element 说明Description
表示用于在 FindItem/FindFolder 中筛选项目或文件夹和搜索文件夹操作的限制或查询。Represents the restriction or query that is used to filter items or folders in FindItem/FindFolder and search folder operations.
表示对其包含的搜索表达式的布尔值求反的搜索表达式。Represents a search expression that negates the Boolean value of the search expression that it contains.
表示允许您在两个或多个搜索表达式之间执行布尔 AND 操作的搜索表达式。Represents a search expression that allows you to perform a Boolean AND operation between two or more search expressions. 如果and元素中包含的所有搜索表达式为True,则and操作的结果为trueThe result of the AND operation is true if all the search expressions contained within the And element are true.
表示在其包含的搜索表达式上执行逻辑 OR 操作的搜索表达式。如果其任何子级返回 true,则 Or 将返回 trueOr 必须有两个或多个子级。 Represents a search expression that performs a logical OR operation on the search expression that it contains. Or will return true if any of its children return true. Or must have two or more children.


描述此元素的架构位于正在运行 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 的计算机(已安装客户端访问服务器角色)的 EWS 虚拟目录中。The schema that describes this element is located in the EWS virtual directory of the computer that is running Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 that has the Client Access server role installed.

元素信息Element information

架构名称Schema Name
类型架构Types schema
验证文件Validation File
可以为空Can be Empty

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