Exchange Online 和 Exchange Online Protection 服务升级 [wave15]Exchange Online and Exchange Online Protection service upgrade

Microsoft 将把所有 Office 365 客户(其中包括 Exchange Online 客户)升级到最新版本的 Office 365。 Exchange Online 客户的电子邮件保护会升级到 Exchange Online Protection (EOP)。Office 365 社区 wiki 上有几个主题为升级的 Exchange Online 客户提供了有帮助的信息。其中包括:Microsoft will upgrade all Office 365 customers, including Exchange Online customers, to the new version of Office 365. Exchange Online customer's email protection will be upgraded to Exchange Online Protection (EOP). There are a few topics that provide helpful information for upgraded Exchange Online customers on the Office 365 community wiki. These include the following:

Exchange Online 和 Exchange Online Protection 服务升级 - FOPE 管理中心访问,介绍了 FOPE 管理中心的访问更改。Exchange Online and Exchange Online Protection Service Upgrade - FOPE Admin Center Access, which discusses access changes in the FOPE Admin Center.

FOPE 和 EOP 之间的功能差异,其中介绍了 FOPE 和 EOP 之间的行为变更和功能差异。Feature Differences Between FOPE and EOP, which describes behavior changes and feature differences between FOPE and EOP.

策略规则的服务升级变更,其中涵盖了当前版本的 Office 365 中的 FOPE 策略规则与新版本中的 Exchange 传输规则之间的差异。Service Upgrade Changes for Policy Rules, which covers differences between FOPE policy rules in the current version of Office 365 and Exchange Transport rules in the new version.

服务升级后登录 FOPE 管理中心,解释了在服务升级之后如何登录 FOPE 管理中心(如果您想要引用设置)。Login to FOPE Administration Center After Service Upgrade, which explains how to sign in to the FOPE Administration Center after your service upgrade, if you want to reference your settings.


如果想了解有关服务升级的详细信息,Office 365 服务升级和服务更新 是有关服务升级信息的最高级别来源。If you would like more information about service upgrades, Office 365 Service Upgrades and Service Updates is the best high-level source of information regarding service upgrades.