Microsoft Flow 中的限制和配置Limits and configuration in Microsoft Flow

本主题介绍流的当前限制和配置详细信息。This topic contains information about the current limits and configuration details for flows.

请求限制Request limits

这些是单个传出请求的限制。These are limits for a single outgoing request.


名称Name 限制Limit
同步调用请求超时Request Timeout for synchronous calls 120 秒120 Seconds
异步调用请求超时Request Timeout for Async calls 可配置。Configurable. 最长为 30 天。Max is 30 days.

消息大小Message size

名称Name 限制Limit 说明Notes
消息大小Message size 100 MB100 MB 并非所有 API 都支持整整 100 MB。Not all APIs support the full 100MB.
表达式计算限制Expression evaluation limit 131072 个字符131,072 characters @concat()@base64()string 不能超过此限制。@concat(), @base64(), string can't exceed this limit.

重试策略Retry policy

名称Name 限制Limit
重试尝试次数Retry attempts 9090 默认值为 4。The default is 4. 若要更改默认值,请使用操作设置To change the default use action settings
重试最大延迟Retry max delay 1 天1 day
重试最小延迟Retry min delay 5 秒5 seconds

运行持续时间和保留期Run duration and retention

这些是单个流运行的限制。These are the limits for a single flow run.

名称Name 限制Limit 说明Notes
运行持续时间Run duration 30 天30 days 提供的工作流包含未完成的步骤,例如审批。Includes workflows with pending steps like approvals. 30 天后,任何挂起步骤都会超时。将从审批中心删除超时审批。After 30 days, any pending steps time-out. Timed-out approvals are removed from the approvals center. 如果有人尝试批准超时请求,则会收到错误消息。If someone attemps to approve a timed-out request, they’ll receive an error message.
存储保留期Storage retention 30 天30 days 这是从运行开始时间算起。This is from the run start time.
最小重复间隔Min recurrence interval 1 分钟1 minute
最大重复间隔Max recurrence interval 500 天500 days
运行历史记录最长保留期Max run history retention 28 天(按照 GDPR 规则)。28 days, per GDPR rules.

循环和拆分限制Looping and debatching limits

这些是单个流运行的限制。These are limits for a single flow run.

名称Name 限制Limit 说明Notes
应用到每一个项Apply to each items 100,000100,000 100,000 仅适用于高级计划。100,000 is only available for the premium plans. 否则,不能超过 5,000。Otherwise, you are limited to 5,000. 可以使用筛选操作,根据需要筛选较大的数组。You can use the filter action to filter larger arrays as needed.
Until 迭代次数Until iterations 50005,000
SplitOn 项数SplitOn items 100,000100,000 例如,应用到每个项,限制为 5,000,除非使用的是高级计划。Like Apply to each, the limit is 5,000 unless you are on a premium plan.
应用到每一个并行Apply to each Parallelism 5050 默认情况下,循环按顺序运行(并行度基本上为 1)。By default, loops run in sequence (essentially, parallelism is 1). 可以配置的最大并行度为 50。You can configure up to 50 in parallel.
以 5 分钟为频率执行的操作数Actions executions per 5 minutes 100,000100,000 此外,可以根据需要跨多个流分配工作负载。Also, you can distribute a workload across more than one flow as needed.
操作并发传出调用Actions concurrent outgoing calls ~2,500~2,500 根据需要减少并发请求数或减少持续时间。Reduce the number of concurrent requests or reduce the duration as needed.

定义限制Definition limits

这些是单个流的限制。These are limits for a single flow.

名称Name 限制Limit 说明Notes
每个工作流的操作个数Actions per workflow 250250 可以添加嵌套工作流,根据需要对此进行扩展。You can add nested workflows to extend this as needed.
允许的操作嵌套深度Allowed action nesting depth 55 可以添加嵌套工作流,根据需要对此进行扩展。You can add nested workflows to extend this as needed.
每个表达式的最大字符数Max characters per expression 81928,192
action/trigger 名称限制action/trigger name limit 8080
description 长度限制description length limit 256256

Sharepoint 限制SharePoint limits

在将 Microsoft SharePoint 与 Microsoft Flow 和 PowerApps 配合使用时,存在使用方式上的限制There are limitations on how you can use Microsoft SharePoint with Microsoft Flow and PowerApps.

IP 地址配置IP address configuration

发送 Microsoft Flow 请求时,所使用的 IP 地址取决于包含流的环境所在的区域The IP address from which Microsoft Flow requests are sent depends on the region where the environment that contains the flow is located. 我们当前未发布可用于流方案的 FQDN。We don't currently publish FQDNs available for flow scenarios.

逻辑应用服务Logic App Service

从流中进行的调用直接通过 Azure 逻辑应用服务。Calls made from a flow go directly through the Azure Logic App service. 举例说来,HTTP 或 HTTP + OpenAPI 就是此类调用。Some examples of these calls include HTTP or HTTP + OpenAPI. 此类调用来自以下 IP 地址:These calls come from the following IP addresses:

区域Region 出站 IPOutbound IP
美国United States,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



如果现有配置,请在 2018 年 9 月 1 日前尽早更新,使其包括并匹配此列表中你的流所在区域的 IP 地址。If you have existing configurations, please update them as soon as possible before September 1, 2018 so they include and match the IP addresses in this list for the regions where your flows exist.

从通过流连接的 API(例如 SQL API 或 SharePoint API)进行的调用将来自下面指定的 IP 地址:Calls made from an API connected through a flow (for example, the SQL API or the SharePoint API) will come from the IP address specified below:

区域Region 出站 IPOutbound IP
亚洲Asia -, -,,,,,,,,,,,, -, -,,,,,,,,,,,,
澳大利亚Australia -,, -,,,,,,,,,,, -,, -,,,,,,,,,,,
巴西Brazil -, -,, -, -,,
加拿大Canada -, -,, -,,,,,,,,,,, -, -,, -,,,,,,,,,,,
欧洲Europe -,, -,,,,,,,,,,,, -,, -,,,,,,,,,,,,
印度India -,, -,, -,,,,,,,,,,, -,, -,, -,,,,,,,,,,,
日本Japan -,, -,,,,,,,,,,, -,, -,,,,,,,,,,,
英国United Kingdom -,, -, -,, -,
美国United States -,, -,, -,, -,, -,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, -,, -,, -,, -,, -,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
美国(提前体验)United States (Early Access) -,, -,,,,,,,,,,, -,, -,,,,,,,,,,,

例如,如果必须为 Azure SQL 数据库的 IP 地址授权,则应使用这些地址。For example, if you must authorize IP addresses for your Azure SQL database, you should use these addresses.

下表列出了 Microsoft Flow 连接到的服务。The following table lists the services to which Microsoft Flow connects. 确保所有这些服务均未在网络上被屏蔽。Ensure none of these services are blocked on your network.

Domains 协议Protocols 使用Uses httpshttps 对 Azure 资源管理器的访问权限。Access to the Azure Resource Manager.
httpshttps 对 Active Directory 身份验证库 (ADAL) 的访问权限。Access to Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL).
httpshttps 对 Azure AD Graph API 的访问权限- 获取个人资料照片等用户信息。Access to Azure AD Graph API - for getting user information such as a profile photo.
** httpshttps 对连接器运行时的访问权限。Access to the Runtime for Connectors.
** httpshttps 对 Microsoft Flow 网站的访问权限。Access to the Microsoft Flow site.
** httpshttps 对 PowerApps 网站的访问权限。Access to the PowerApps site. httpshttps 对 Microsoft Flow CDN 的访问权限。Access to the Microsoft Flow CDN. httpshttps 访问 NPS(净推荐值)。Access to NPS (Net Promoter Score).