plannerAssignments 资源类型plannerAssignments resource type

PlannerAssignments资源表示plannerTask资源的工作分配。The plannerAssignments resource represents assignments of a plannerTask resource. 此类型是开放类型。This type is an open type. 此类型中的每个属性名称都是分配给任务的用户对象的 ID。Each property name in this type is the ID of a user object a task is assigned to. 可以将用户分配给使用其 ID 命名的新属性的任务, 并将plannerassignment对象的 orderHint 属性填充为值。The users can be assigned to tasks with creating new properties named with their ID, with a plannerassignment object with orderHint property populated as the value. 通过将以其 ID 命名的 bookmark 设置为 null, 可以从任务中取消分配工作负责人。The assignees can be unassigned from the task by setting the propety named with their ID to null.


可由客户端定义打开类型的属性。Properties of an Open Type can be defined by the client. 但在这种情况下, 客户端必须提供指定用户的 Id 作为属性名称。In this case though, the client must provide assigned user's IDs as property names. 必须将属性设置为plannerAssignment对象, 才能创建或修改工作负责人, 并为 null 以删除它们。The property must be set to a plannerAssignment object to create or modify assignees, and to null to remove them.


  "ca2a1df2-e36b-4987-9f6b-0ea462f4eb47": null,
  "4e98f8f1-bb03-4015-b8e0-19bb370949d8": { 
      "@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.plannerAssignment",
      "orderHint": "String"

此示例从任务的代理人列表中删除 ID 为 ca2a1df2-e36b-4987-9f6b-0ea462f4eb47 的用户, 同时更改具有用户 ID 4e98f8f1-bb03-4015-b8e0-19bb370949d8 的受理人的订单。This example removes user with ID ca2a1df2-e36b-4987-9f6b-0ea462f4eb47 from the assignees list of the task, while changing the order of the assignee with user ID 4e98f8f1-bb03-4015-b8e0-19bb370949d8. 如果尚未为 ID 为4e98f8f1-bb03-4015-b8e0-19bb370949d8 的用户分配该任务, 则使用此值更新工作分配时, 会将该任务分配给此用户。If the task isn't already assigned to user with ID 4e98f8f1-bb03-4015-b8e0-19bb370949d8, updating the assignments with this value will assign the task to this user.