Intune 设备和应用 API 概述Intune devices and apps API overview

Microsoft Intune 可帮助企业管理组织内的设备和应用。Microsoft Intune helps enterprises manage devices and apps within an organization. 你可以使用 Microsoft Graph 中的 Intune API 来管理设备和应用,甚至可以在使用首选工具时配置 Intune。You can use the Intune API in Microsoft Graph to manage devices, apps, and even configure Intune while using your preferred tools.

如果你是 ISV,则还可以使用 Intune API 来管理客户端租户。If you're an ISV, you can also use the Intune API to manage client tenants.

为什么与 Intune 集成?Why integrate with Intune?

你可以使用 Microsoft Graph 中的 Intune API 访问 Intune 设备和应用程序信息,管理设备、管理应用和自动执行 Intune。You can use the Intune API in Microsoft Graph to access Intune device and application information, manage devices, manage apps, and automate Intune.

管理设备Manage devices

可以使用 Intune API 执行以下操作:You can use the Intune API to:

  • 定义并强制实施设备合规性策略,例如密码复杂性和持续时间、加密、威胁保护级别等。Define and enforce device compliance policies, such as password complexity and duration, encryption, threat protection levels, and so on. (支持的策略会根据操作系统和版本的不同而异)。(Supported policies vary according to operating system and version).
  • 保护公司数据,无论设备平台是 Windows、Android、Mac 还是 iOS。Protect company data, regardless of whether the device platform is Windows, Android, Mac, or iOS.
  • 创建和部署设备配置策略,包括操作系统平台/版本控制、域成员身份和配置设置管理。Create and deploy device configuration policies, including operating system platform/versioning, domain membership, and configuration setting management.
  • 创建和部署设备访问控制策略,包括受限的下载、网络附件访问和文件传输。Create and deploy device access control policies, including restricted download, network accessory access, and file transfer.
  • 执行远程操作,如定位设备、更改密码和擦除设备。Perform remote actions, such as locate device, change password, and wipe device.

管理应用Manage apps

Intune API 可用于执行下列应用管理任务:You can use the Intune API to perform the following app management tasks:

  • 将应用部署到设备或阻止部署应用。Deploy apps to devices or prevent apps from being deployed.
  • 管理对电子书及相关服务的访问。Manage access to ebooks and related services.
  • 定义和部署应用配置设置、应用保护设置和应用使用策略。Define and deploy app configuration settings, app protection settings, and app usage policies.

自动执行 IntuneAutomate Intune

使用 Intune API 自动执行 Intune 可进行以下操作:Automate Intune by using the Intune API to:

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