Planner 任务和计划 API 概述Planner tasks and plans API overview

Planner 提供了一种简单而又直观的方法,可用于团队组织他们的工作。Planner provides a simple and visual way for teams to organize their work. 客户可以使用 Planner 来创建计划、组织和分配任务、共享进度以及协作处理内容。Customers can use Planner to create plans, organize and assign tasks, share progress, and collaborate on content. Planner 提供了多个交互式体验,包括任务板、图表页和日程安排视图,以及在整个 Office 365 中的集成。Planner provides several interactive experiences including a task board, a charts page, and a schedule view, as well as integrations throughout Office 365.

Office 365 Planner 任务板Office 365 Planner task board

Office 365 Planner 任务板的屏幕截图Screenshot of an Office 365 Planner task board

为什么与 Planner 任务集成?Why integrate with Planner tasks?

Planner 为 Office 365 中的协作体验提供了任务跟踪功能。Planner provides task tracking capabilities for collaboration experiences in Office 365. 如果你的应用场景需要为一个团队或一组最终用户跟踪任务并组织工作,那么,Planner 就是正确的服务。If your scenarios require tracking tasks and organizing work for a team or group of end users, Planner is the right service for you. Planner 集成可有助于你覆盖数百万在 Office 365 上进行协作的用户。Planner integration can help you reach the millions of users collaborating on Office 365.

组织团队的工作Organize your team’s work

Planner 提供了一个共享的空间,可以在其中构建团队、创建任务,并将这些任务分配给团队中的其他人。Planner provides a shared space where you can build a team, create tasks, and assign them to others on the team. Planner 可让每个人轻松了解谁在做什么工作以及各项工作是否正常。你可以使用其他信息(如截止日期、进度和说明)来更新任务,然后使用可自定义的存储桶和类别标签对任务做进一步的组织。Planner makes it easy for everyone to know who’s doing what and if things are on track. You can update tasks with additional information like due dates, progress, and descriptions, and then further organize tasks with customizable buckets and category labels.

在整个 Office 365 内协作Collaborate across Office 365

Planner 可集成到整个 Office 365 内的协作体验中。Planner integrates into collaboration experiences across Office 365. 除了 Planner Web 客户端和移动客户端,用户还可从 SharePoint 和 Microsoft Teams 中查看和更新 Planner 计划和任务。In addition to Planner web and mobile clients, users can view and update Planner plans and tasks from within SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Graph 和 Office 365 组服务还支持 Planner 本身。Planner itself is also powered by the Microsoft Graph and the Office 365 group service. 上传并附加到 Planner 任务的文件将存储在 SharePoint 中。Files that you upload and attach to Planner tasks are stored in SharePoint. Planner 注释基于 Outlook 组对话。Planner comments are based on Outlook group conversations.

自动创建计划和任务Automate the creation of plans and tasks

是否正在处理重复的流程或项目类型?Are you working on repeated process or project type? Planner API 可用于自动创建计划和任务列表。You can use the Planner API to automate the creation of a plan and a list of tasks.

首要 Planner API 任务Top Planner API tasks

操作Operation URLURL
查看组的所有计划See all the plans for a group GET{id}/planner/plansGET{id}/planner/plans
查看计划中的任务See tasks in a plan GET{id}/tasksGET{id}/tasks
查看不同计划中分配给我的所有我的任务See all my tasks assigned to me across plans GET
新建任务Create a new task POST
更新任务Update a task PATCH{task-id}PATCH{task-id}
删除任务Delete a task 删除{id}DELETE{id}

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