Microsoft Graph 报告 API 概述Microsoft Graph reports API overview

借助 Microsoft 365 管理中心中的使用情况报告,管理员可以了解其公司各 Office 365 服务的使用情况。Usage reports in the Microsoft 365 admin center enable admins to understand their company's usage across Office 365 services. Microsoft Graph 中的报告 API 可用于与 Office 365 使用情况报告集成。You can use the reports API in Microsoft Graph to integrate with Office 365 usage reports.

为什么使用报告 API?Why use the reports API?

将 Office 365 使用情况报告集成到组织的现有报告解决方案中Integrate Office 365 usage reporting into your organization's existing reporting solution

很多公司都有使用报告应用程序或 Web 门户的现有报告解决方案。Many companies have existing reporting solutions that use a reporting application or web portal. 你可以使用报告 API 将 Office 365 使用情况数据并入组织的现有报告解决方案中,以便所有 IT 服务报告均位于统一位置。You can use the reports API to incorporate Office 365 usage data into your organization's existing reporting solution so that all IT service reports are in a unified location.

保留使用情况报告以供历史分析Retain usage reports for historical analysis

你可以使用报告 API 获取所有使用情况报告中可用的数据,包括每个服务的组织级别的摘要、过去 7/30/90/180 天的实体级别(用户、网站和帐户)的使用情况信息和每日活动聚合。You can use the reports API to get the data that's available in all usage reports, including organization-level summaries per service, entity-level (user, sites, accounts) usage information for the last 7/30/90/180 days, and daily activity aggregates. 这样,可以根据需要保留历史使用情况信息。This gives you the option to keep historical usage information for as long as required.

使用报告 API 可以访问哪些数据?What data can I access by using the reports API?

你可以使用报告 API 访问下表中列出的数据集。You can use the reports API to access the data sets listed in the following table.

Office 365 应用Office 365 app 数据集Data set
Microsoft TeamsMicrosoft Teams 设备使用情况Device usage
用户活动User activity
Office 365(常规)Office 365 (general) 激活Activations
活动用户Active users
组活动Groups activity
OneDriveOneDrive 活动Activity
OutlookOutlook 活动Activity
应用使用情况App usage
邮箱使用情况Mailbox usage
SharePointSharePoint 活动Activity
网站使用情况Site usage
Skype for BusinessSkype for Business 活动Activity
设备使用情况Device usage
设备使用情况Device usage
参与者活动Participant activity
对等活动Peer to peer activity
YammerYammer 活动Activity
设备使用情况Device usage
组活动Groups activity

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