Windows更新 API 概述Windows updates API overview

the Windows Update for Business deployment service provides control over device updates through the ability to approve, schedule and safeguard content delivered by Windows Update.The Windows Update for Business deployment service provides control over device updates through the ability to approve, schedule and safeguard content delivered by Windows Update.

为什么使用 Windows Update for Business 部署服务?Why use the Windows Update for Business deployment service?

IT 专业人员和管理工具供应商都可以使用部署服务:IT Professionals and management tool vendors alike can use the deployment service to:

  • 将更新部署安排在特定的日期开始Schedule update deployments to begin on a specific date
  • 使用富表达式在几天或几周内阶段部署Stage deployments over a period of days or weeks using rich expressions
  • 绕过预配置的 Windows 更新 for Business 策略以立即部署安全更新Bypass pre-configured Windows Update for Business policies to immediately deploy a security update
  • 通过针对唯一设备总体部署定制的部署,确保组织中硬件和软件 (范围) Ensure coverage of hardware and software in your organization through deployments tailored to unique device population(s)

现在,部署服务支持管理Windows 10功能更新和Windows 10安全更新。Today, the deployment service supports managing Windows 10 feature updates and expediting Windows 10 security updates. 若要了解有关企业更新上下文中的部署服务Windows,请参阅部署服务概述To learn more about the deployment service in the context of Windows Update for Business, please see Overview of the deployment service.


若要使用部署服务,组织必须拥有以下订阅之一:To use the deployment service, your organization must have one of the following subscriptions:

  • Windows 10 企业版E3 或 E5 (包含在 Microsoft 365 F3、E3 或 E5) Windows 10 Enterprise E3 or E5 (included in Microsoft 365 F3, E3, or E5)
  • Windows 10 教育版A3 或 A5 (A3 或 A5 Microsoft 365中) Windows 10 Education A3 or A5 (included in Microsoft 365 A3 or A5)
  • Windows虚拟桌面访问 E3 或 E5Windows Virtual Desktop Access E3 or E5
  • Microsoft 365 商业高级版Microsoft 365 Business Premium

此外,部署服务管理的设备必须:Additionally, devices managed by the deployment service must:

  • 加入 Azure AD 或加入混合 ADBe Azure AD joined or Hybrid AD joined
  • 运行下列版本之一Windows 10:Windows 10 专业版、Windows 10 企业版、Windows 10 教育版、Windows 10 专业教育版Run one of the following Windows 10 editions: Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Education, Windows 10 Pro Education
  • 已安装Windows 10版本 1709 或更高版本Have installed Windows 10 version 1709 or later

注册要管理的设备Enroll devices to be managed

若要开始使用部署服务, 请注册更新管理中的设备To start using the deployment service, enroll devices in update management.

批准和安排Windows更新中Windows的内容Approve and schedule Windows content delivered from Windows Update

部署服务简化了针对各种设备生态系统的审阅、批准、计划和部署内容。The deployment service simplifies reviewing, approving, scheduling, and deploying content for a diverse device ecosystem. 存在更新目录以提供专为审批定制的视图,帮助您重点关注重要的审批决策,并避免需要对相关更新的深入列表进行排序。An updates catalog exists to provide a view tailored for approvals, helping you focus on approval decisions that matter and avoiding the need to sort through deep lists of related updates.

选择要部署的更新后,可以将部署安排为在将来开始,或在一定时段内部署。Once you choose an update to deploy, you can schedule deployments to start at a future time, or deploy over a period of time. 如果选择在一段时间内部署更新,部署服务将自动优化设备提供更新的顺序。If you choose to deploy an update over a period of time, the deployment service automatically optimizes the order in which devices are offered updates. 如果可能,该服务对设备进行订购,以确保在部署早期表示硬件和软件资产的多样性,以最大限度地减少可能遇到意外更新问题的设备数量。When possible, the service orders devices to ensure that a diversity of hardware and software assets are represented early in the deployment to minimize the number of devices that may encounter an unexpected update issue.

详细了解部署服务:Learn more about the deployment service:

出现关键需求时立即部署更新Immediately deploy an update when critical needs arise

在出现关键安全问题的情况下,可以使用部署服务绕过标准更新策略并加快安全更新的部署。In the case of a critical security issue, you can use the deployment service to bypass a standard update policy and expedite deployment of a security update.

若要了解更多信息,请参阅 部署加速安全更新To learn more, see Deploy an expedited security update.

默认情况下保护设备Protect devices by default

享受保护 保留的好处 ,防止出现质量或兼容性问题的设备安装更新,否则导致失败或回滚。Enjoy the benefit of safeguard holds which prevent devices with a quality or compatibility issue from installing an update, resulting in failure or rollback otherwise.

此外,还可以配置组织独有的监视规则。Additionally, you can configure monitoring rules that are unique to your organization. 这些规则可以基于设备信号(如回滚)发送警报或暂停部署。These rules can send an alert or pause a deployment based on device signals such as rollbacks.

若要了解更多信息,请参阅 管理部署的监视规则To learn more, see Manage monitoring rules for a deployment.

API 参考API reference

在查找此服务的 API 参考?Looking for the API reference for this service?

请参阅microsoft Windows beta 中的 Graph 更新 API。See Windows updates API in Microsoft Graph beta.