Lync Server 2013 中的设备更新规则Device Update rules in Lync Server 2013


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Microsoft 会定期为 Lync Phone Edition 发布一组新的设备固件更新。Periodically, Microsoft releases a new set of device firmware updates for Lync Phone Edition. 设备更新规则 将固件更新与硬件设备(电话和其他运行 Lync Phone Edition 的设备)相关联。Device update rules associate firmware updates with hardware devices—phones and other devices running Lync Phone Edition.

若要获取最新的设备更新规则集,请转到 Microsoft 网站上的 "帮助和支持" 页,并搜索 "Phone Edition"。To get the latest set of device update rules, go to the Help and Support page on the Microsoft website, and search for "Phone Edition." 下载更新程序包,并将文件解压缩到要上载更新的计算机上的某个文件夹中。Download the update package, and extract the files to a folder on the computer where the updates are to be uploaded. 提取文件后,导入在提取的中找到的设备更新规则。 名称的 CAB 文件 (。After the files have been extracted, import the device update rules found in the extracted .CAB file (which have the name 然后,使用 Lync Server 控制面板或 Windows PowerShell cmdlet 查看和管理组织设备的这些规则。Then, use the Lync Server Control Panel or Windows PowerShell cmdlets to view and manage these rules for your organization’s devices.

以下主题介绍如何导入、查看和管理设备更新规则。The following topics tell you how to import, view, and manage device update rules.