Lync Server 2013 中的 E9-1-1 支持E9-1-1 support in Lync Server 2013


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Lync Server 2013 支持增强 9-1-1 (E9-1-1) 作为企业级部署的一部分。Lync Server 2013 supports Enhanced 9-1-1 (E9-1-1) as part of an enterprise deployment. E9-1-1 是一项紧急通知功能,可以将呼叫者的电话号码与市政(即街道)地址相关联。E9-1-1 is an emergency notification feature that associates the calling party’s telephone number with a civic (that is, a street) address. 仅在美国提供 E9-1-1 支持。E9-1-1 support is available only in the United States.

若要支持 E9-1-1 作为 Lync Server 2013 部署的一部分,您必须从认证的紧急服务提供商获取 E9-1-1 路由服务,或使用紧急位置标识号 (ELIN) 网关。To support E9-1-1 as part of a Lync Server 2013 deployment, you must obtain E9-1-1 routing service from a certified emergency services provider or use an Emergency Location Identification Number (ELIN) gateway. 紧急服务提供商或运营商将源自 Lync Server 2013 的紧急呼叫路由到正确的公共安全应答点 (PSAP) ,具体取决于呼叫中包含的位置信息。The emergency services provider or carrier routes emergency calls that originate from Lync Server 2013 to the correct Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), based on the location information contained within the call. 有关 E9-1-1 支持的详细信息,请参阅规划文档中的在 Lync Server 2013 中规划紧急服务 (E9-1-1) For details about E9-1-1 support, see Planning for emergency services (E9-1-1) in Lync Server 2013 in the Planning documentation.