Lync Server 2013 中的托管 Exchange 统一消息集成Hosted Exchange Unified Messaging integration in Lync Server 2013


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除了支持以前的 Lync Server 2013 版本与 Exchange 统一消息 (UM) 的 本地 部署集成之外,Lync Server 2013 还引入了支持与 托管 Exchange UM 的集成。In addition to the support that previous Lync Server 2013 releases have provided for integration with on-premises deployments of Exchange Unified Messaging (UM), Lync Server 2013 introduces support for integration with hosted Exchange UM. 如果将部分或全部传输到托管 Exchange 服务提供程序(如 Microsoft Exchange Online),则托管 Exchange UM 将启用 Lync Server 2013 以向用户提供语音邮件。Hosted Exchange UM enables Lync Server 2013 to provide voice messaging to your users if you transfer some or all of them to a hosted Exchange service provider such as Microsoft Exchange Online.

Lync Server 2013 企业版语音使用 Exchange UM 基础结构来提供呼叫应答、呼叫通知、语音访问 (包括语音邮件) 和自动助理服务。Lync Server 2013 Enterprise Voice uses the Exchange UM infrastructure to provide call answering, call notification, voice access (including voice mail), and auto attendant services. 有关详细信息,请参阅 集成统一消息和 Lync Server 2013 的功能For details, see Features of integrated Unified Messaging and Lync Server 2013.