在 Lync Server 2013 中管理 SIP 中继服务提供商的位置Managing locations for SIP trunk service providers in Lync Server 2013


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若要将 Lync Server 配置为自动在网络中查找客户端,您需要使用网络线路映射填充位置信息服务数据库并发布位置,或链接到已包含正确映射的外部数据库。To configure Lync Server to automatically locate clients within a network, you need to either populate the Location Information service database with a network wiremap and publish the locations, or link to an external database that already contains the correct mappings. 作为此过程的一部分,您需要验证 E9-1-1 服务提供商的位置的市政地址。As part of this process, you need to validate the civic addresses of the locations with your E9-1-1 service provider. 有关详细信息,请参阅部署文档中的在 Lync Server 2013 中配置位置数据库For details, see Configure the location database in Lync Server 2013 in the Deployment documentation.

使用紧急响应位置填充位置信息服务数据库 (ERL) ,它由市政地址和建筑物内的特定地址组成。You populate the Location Information service database with an Emergency Response Location (ERL), which consists of a civic address and the specific address within a building. "位置信息服务 位置 " 字段是建筑物内的特定位置,最大长度为20个字符 (包括空格) 。The Location Information service Location field, which is the specific location within a building, has a maximum length of 20 characters (including spaces). 在该有限的长度内,请尝试包括以下内容:Within that limited length, try to include the following:

  • 一个易于理解的、指示 911 呼叫者的位置的名称,以帮助确保紧急响应者到达市政地址后能够迅速找到具体位置。此位置名称可能包括楼号、楼层数、侧楼标识、房间号码等等。应避免使用仅员工知晓的昵称,这样可能导致紧急响应者找错位置。An easy-to-understand name that identifies the location of the 911 caller to help ensure that emergency responders find the specific location promptly when they arrive at the civic address. This location name may include a building number, floor number, wing designator, room number, and so on. Avoid nicknames known only to employees, which might cause emergency responders to go to the wrong location.

  • 位置标识符,以帮助用户轻松了解他们的 Lync 客户端是否选择了正确的位置。A location identifier that helps users to easily see that their Lync client picked up the correct location. Lync 客户端自动连接并在其标头中显示发现的 LocationCity 字段。The Lync client automatically concatenates and displays the discovered Location and City fields in its header. 一种好的做法是将建筑物的街道地址添加到每个位置标识符 (例如,"第一层 <street number> " ) 。A good practice is to add the street address of the building to each location identifier (for example, "1st Floor <street number>"). 如果没有街道地址,那么通用的位置标识符(例如“1st Floor”)可以适用于城市中的所有建筑。Without the street address, a generic location identifier such as "1st Floor" could apply to any building in the city.

  • 如果位置是近似值,因为它是由无线访问点确定的,则可以将该单词添加到 (例如,"Near 第一层 1234" ) 。If the location is approximate because it’s determined by a wireless access point, you can add the word Near (for example, "Near 1st Floor 1234").


在使用 Lync Server 命令行管理程序命令发布添加到中心位置数据库的位置,并将这些位置复制到池的本地存储区之前,这些位置将不可用于客户端。Locations added to the central location database are not available to the client until they are published by using a Lync Server Management Shell command and are replicated to the pool's local stores. 有关详细信息,请参阅部署文档中的 从 Lync Server 2013 发布位置数据库For details, see Publish the location database from Lync Server 2013 in the Deployment documentation.

以下各节讨论在填充和维护位置数据库时需要考虑的注意事项。The following sections discuss considerations that you need to take into account when populating and maintaining the location database.

填充位置数据库Populating the Location Database

以下问题可帮助您确定如何填充位置数据库。The following questions can help you determine how to populate the location database.

  • 使用什么过程填充位置数据库?What process will you use to populate the location database?
    数据位于何处?采取何种步骤将数据转换为位置数据库所需的格式?是逐个添加位置,还是使用 CSV 文件批量添加?Where does the data exist, and what steps do you need to take to convert the data into the format required by the location database? Will you add locations individually, or in bulk, by using a CSV file?
  • 是否具有已包含位置映射的第三方数据库?Do you have a third party database that already contains a mapping of locations?
    通过使用 Lync Server 的辅助位置信息服务选项连接到第三方数据库,可以使用脱机平台对位置进行分组和管理。By using Lync Server's Secondary Location Information service option to connect to a third-party database, you can group and manage locations by using an offline platform. 此方案的优势在于除了将位置与网络标识符关联外,还可以将位置与用户关联。A benefit to this approach is that in addition to associating locations to network identifiers, you can associate locations to a user. 这意味着 Location 信息服务可将来自辅助位置信息服务的多个地址返回到 Lync Server 客户端。This means that the Location Information service can return multiple addresses, originating from the Secondary Location Information service, to a Lync Server client. 然后用户可以选择最合适的位置。The user can then choose the most appropriate location.

    若要与 Location 信息服务集成,第三方数据库必须遵循 Lync Server 位置请求/响应架构。To integrate with the Location Information service, the third-party database must follow the Lync Server Location Request/Response schema. 有关详细信息,请参阅中的 " [ MS-ms-e911ws ] : E911 的 Web 服务支持协议规范" https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?linkid=213819For details, see "[MS-E911WS]: Web Service for E911 Support Protocol Specification" at https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?linkid=213819. 有关部署辅助位置信息服务的详细信息,请参阅部署文档中的在 Lync Server 2013 中配置辅助位置信息服务For details about deploying a Secondary Location Information service, see Configure a secondary Location Information service in Lync Server 2013 in the Deployment documentation.

有关填充位置数据库的详细信息,请参阅部署文档中的在 Lync Server 2013 中配置位置数据库For details about populating the location database, see Configure the location database in Lync Server 2013 in the Deployment documentation.

维护位置数据库Maintaining the Location Database

填充位置数据库之后,需要制定更新数据库的策略,因为网络配置发生了改变。以下问题将帮助您确定如何维护位置数据库。After you populate the location database, you need to develop a strategy for updating the database as the network configuration changes. The following questions will help you determine how to maintain the location database.

  • 如何更新位置数据库?How will you update the location database?
    有几种情况需要更新位置数据库,包括添加 Wap、office 缆线 (导致不同的交换机分配) 和子网扩展。There are several scenarios that require an update to the location database, including adding WAPs, office recabling (resulting in different switch assignments), and subnet expansion. 是直接更新各个位置,还是使用 CSV 文件执行所有位置的批量更新?Will you directly update each individual location, or will you perform a bulk update of all the locations by using a CSV file?
  • 是否使用 SNMP 应用程序将 Lync 客户端 MAC 地址与端口和交换机标识符进行匹配?Will you use an SNMP application to match Lync client MAC addresses to port and switch identifiers?
    如果使用 SNMP 应用程序,需要设计用于保持 SNMP 应用程序和位置数据库之间的交换机机架和端口信息一致的手动过程。If you use an SNMP application, you need to develop a manual process for keeping the switch chassis and port information consistent between the SNMP application and the location database. 如果 SNMP 应用程序返回的是未包含在数据库中的机箱 IP 地址或端口 ID,则位置信息服务将无法向客户端返回一个位置。If the SNMP application returns a chassis IP address or port ID that is not included in the database, the Location Information service will not be able to return a location to the client.