Lync Server 2013 混合环境概述Overview of the Lync Server 2013 hybrid environment


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Lync Server 2013 混合环境指的是部署中有一些用户驻留在本地 Lync Server 2013 中,其他用户驻留在 Lync Online 中,但用户共享相同的域,如。Lync Server 2013 hybrid environment refers to a deployment in which there are some users homed to the on-premises Lync Server 2013 and other users homed to Lync Online, but users share the same domain, such as

关于本指南About this Guide

本指南介绍了配置 Lync Server 2013 环境以实现与 Lync Online 的互操作性所需的任务,然后将用户从本地部署迁移到使用 Lync Online。This guide describes the tasks necessary to configure your Lync Server 2013 environment for interoperability with Lync Online, and then to move users from your on-premises deployment to use Lync Online.


您需要安装以下应用程序和实用程序,才能完成配置混合部署的任务。You will need to have the following applications and utilities installed to complete the tasks for configuring a deployment for hybrid. 这些文件的安装程序位于针对您的部署提供的安装介质上,以及下表提供的链接中。The installers for these files are included on the installation media provided for your deployment, as well as at the links included in the following list.

管理员凭据Administrator Credentials

当系统询问您是否提供管理员凭据时,请使用 Microsoft 365 或 Office 365 组织的管理员帐户的用户名和密码。When you are asked to provide your administrator credentials, use the username and password for the administrator account for your Microsoft 365 or Office 365 organization. 在配置 Active Directory 联合身份验证服务 (AD FS) 2.0、目录同步、单一登录、联合和将用户移动到 Lync Online 时,也将使用这些凭据。You will also use these credentials when you configure Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) 2.0, Directory Synchronization, Single sign-on, federation, and moving users to Lync Online.

连接到 Lync Online PowerShellConnecting to Lync Online PowerShell

管理员现在能够使用 Windows PowerShell 管理 Lync Online 及其 Lync Online 用户帐户。Administrators now have the ability to use Windows PowerShell to manage Lync Online and their Lync Online user accounts. 若要执行此操作,必须首先从 Microsoft 下载中心 (下载并安装 Lync Online 连接器模块 。To do this, you must first download and install the Lync Online Connector Module from the Microsoft Download Center ( 有关下载、安装和使用 Lync Online 连接器模块的详细信息,以及有关使用 Windows PowerShell 管理 Lync Online 的详细信息,请参阅 Using Windows powershell to Manage Lync onlineFor more information on downloading, installing, and using the Lync Online Connector Module, and for detailed information on using Windows PowerShell to manage Lync Online, see Using Windows PowerShell to manage Lync Online.