Lync Server 2013 中的持久聊天数据库架构Persistent Chat database schema in Lync Server 2013


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这篇文档介绍了 Lync Server 2013 通信软件中的持久聊天数据库的架构。This documents the schema of the Persistent Chat database in Lync Server 2013 communications software.

Persistent 聊天数据库是指与 Lync Server 2013 后端服务器角色对应的数据库。 PersistentChatStore (对应于 mgc 数据库) 和 PersistentChatComplianceStore (对应于 mgccomp 数据库) 。The Persistent Chat database refers to the database corresponding to the Lync Server 2013 Back End Server roles PersistentChatStore (corresponding to the mgc database) and PersistentChatComplianceStore (corresponding to the mgccomp database). 发布此架构的目的是让您能够生成查询和一定程度地了解如何生成有关聊天使用、活跃的聊天室、置顶帖等内容的有用报告。The goal of publishing this schema is to enable you to build queries and gain some insights into building useful reporting around chat usage, active rooms, top posters, and so on.


我们保留改进此架构的权利。Microsoft 不对保留此已发布架构的完全向后兼容性做任何保证。We reserve the right to evolve this schema. Microsoft does not make any guarantees to maintain full backward compatibility with this published schema.

请遵循以下最佳做法:Follow these best practices:

  • 不 * 支持 SELECT//,因为列列表可能会增加。No SELECT* // is supported because the column list can grow.

  • 不支持用户生成的架构修改。No user-generated schema modifications are supported.

  • 不支持写入操作。No write operations are supported.

  • 测试您在典型大小的数据库中生成的任何查询,以确保这些查询可以在满足您需求的级别执行。Test any queries that you build on representatively-sized databases to be sure that the queries can perform at a level to meet your needs.