Lync Server 2013 中的 PSTN 用法记录PSTN usage records in Lync Server 2013


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规划 PSTN 用法记录的主要任务是列出当前在贵组织中对从 CEO 到临时工、顾问在内的所有员工实施的所有呼叫权限。此过程还提供了一个重新检查现有呼叫权限并进行修改的机会。可以只为那些应用于预期企业语音用户的呼叫权限创建 PSTN 用法记录,但是,更好的长期解决方案可能是为所有呼叫权限创建 PSTN 用法记录,而无论其中的某些权限当前是否应用于要为企业语音启用的用户组。如果呼叫权限发生变化或者添加了具有不同呼叫权限的新用户,会创建所需的 PSTN 用法记录。Planning PSTN usage records consists mainly of listing all the call permissions that are currently in force in your organization, from the CEO to temporary workers, consultants, and contingent staff. This process also provides an opportunity to reexamine existing call permissions and revise them. You can create PSTN usage records only for those call permissions that apply to your anticipated Enterprise Voice users, but a better long-range solution might be to create PSTN usage records for all call permissions, regardless of whether some may not currently apply to the group of users to be enabled for Enterprise Voice. If call permissions change or new users with different call permissions are added, you will have already created the required PSTN usage records.

下表显示了典型的 PSTN 用法表。The following table shows a typical PSTN usage table.

PSTN 用法记录PSTN Usage Records

电话属性Phone attribute 说明Description


本地电话Local calls


长途电话Long distance calls


国际电话International calls


德里全职员工Delhi full-time employees


雷德蒙德全职员工Redmond full-time employees


雷德蒙德临时员工Redmond temporary employees


苏黎世全职员工Zurich full-time employees

PSTN 用法记录本身不执行任何操作。为了使它们正常工作,必须执行下列操作:By themselves, PSTN usage records do not do anything. For them to work, you must associate them with the following:

  • 将它们与分配给用户的语音策略相关联。Voice policies, which are assigned to users.

  • 将它们与分配给电话号码的路由相关联。Routes, which are assigned to phone numbers.

有关语音策略和路由的详细信息,请参阅 lync server 2013 中的语音策略lync server 2013 中的语音路由For details about voice policies and routes, see Voice policies in Lync Server 2013 and Voice routes in Lync Server 2013. 有关如何创建和配置这些设置的详细信息,请参阅 在 Lync Server 2013 中配置出站呼叫的语音路由For details about how to create and configure them, see Configuring voice routes for outbound calls in Lync Server 2013.