在 Lync Server 2013 中测试应用程序共享Testing application sharing in Lync Server 2013


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验证计划Verification schedule


测试工具Testing tool

Windows PowerShellWindows PowerShell

所需的权限Permissions required

在使用 Lync Server 命令行管理程序本地运行时,用户必须是 RTCUniversalServerAdmins 安全组的成员。When run locally using the Lync Server Management Shell, users must be members of the RTCUniversalServerAdmins security group.

使用 Windows PowerShell 的远程实例运行时,必须为用户分配具有运行 Test-CsASConference cmdlet 的权限的 RBAC 角色。When run using a remote instance of Windows PowerShell, users must be assigned an RBAC role that has permission to run the Test-CsASConference cmdlet. 若要查看可使用此 cmdlet 的所有 RBAC 角色的列表,请从 Windows PowerShell 提示符处运行以下命令:To see a list of all RBAC roles that can use this cmdlet, run the following command from the Windows PowerShell prompt:

Get-CsAdminRole | Where-Object {$_.Cmdlets -match "Test-CsASConference"}


CsASConference cmdlet 验证一对测试用户是否可以参与包含应用程序共享的联机会议。The Test-CsASConference cmdlet verifies that a pair of test users can participate in an online conference that includes application sharing. 为此,该 cmdlet 将为两个用户注册 Lync Server 2013,然后使用其中一个用户帐户来创建包括应用程序共享的新会议。To do this, the cmdlet registers the two users with Lync Server 2013, and then it uses one of the user accounts to create a new conference that includes applications sharing. 之后,cmdlet 会验证第二个用户是否能够加入该会议。The cmdlet then verifies that the second user is able to join that conference.

运行测试Running the test

示例 1 中显示的命令验证能否在池 atl-cs-001.litwareinc.com 中召开应用程序共享会议。此命令假定您已为指定的池配置了一对测试用户。如果不存在此类测试用户,该命令将失败。The command shown in Example 1 verifies that an Application Sharing conference can be conducted on the pool atl-cs-001.litwareinc.com. This command assumes that you have configured a pair of test users for the specified pool. If no such test users exist, the command will fail.

Test-CsASConference -TargetFqdn "atl-cs-001.litwareinc.com"

示例 2 测试 Join Launcher 服务能否参与池 atl-cs-001.litwareinc.com 中的应用程序共享会议。请注意,该命令仅测试服务本身;您无需任何移动设备便可运行该命令。Example 2 tests the ability of the Join Launcher service to participate in an Application Sharing conference on the pool atl-cs-001.litwareinc.com. Note that this command tests only the service itself; you do not need any mobile devices in order to run the command.

Test-CsASConference -TargetFqdn "atl-cs-001.litwareinc.com" -TestJoinLauncher 

示例2中显示的命令测试一对用户 (litwareinc \ pilar 和 litwareinc \ kenmyer) 登录到 Lync Server 2013,然后执行应用程序共享会议。The commands shown in Example 2 test the ability of a pair of users (litwareinc\pilar and litwareinc\kenmyer) to log on to Lync Server 2013 and then conduct an Application Sharing conference. 为执行此操作,示例中的第一个命令使用 Get-Credential cmdlet 来创建 Windows PowerShell 命令行接口 credential 对象,该对象包含用户 Pilar Ackerman 的名称和密码。To do this, the first command in the example uses the Get-Credential cmdlet to create a Windows PowerShell command-line interface credential object containing the name and password of the user Pilar Ackerman. (因为登录名 litwareinc pilar 已 \ 作为参数包含,所以 Windows PowerShell 凭据请求对话框仅要求管理员输入 Pilar Ackerman 帐户的密码。 ) 生成的 Credential 对象随后存储在名为 $cred 1 的变量中。(Because the logon name, litwareinc\pilar, has been included as a parameter, the Windows PowerShell Credential Request dialog box only requires the administrator to enter the password for the Pilar Ackerman account.) The resulting credential object is then stored in a variable named $cred1. 第二个命令执行相同的操作,但这次返回的是 Ken Myer 帐户的凭据对象。The second command does the same thing, this time returning a credential object for the Ken Myer account.

使用 credential 对象时,第三个命令确定这两个用户是否可以登录 Lync Server 2013 并执行应用程序共享会议。With the credential objects in hand, the third command determines whether or not these two users can log on to Lync Server 2013 and conduct an Application Sharing conference. 若要执行此任务,请调用 CsASConference cmdlet 以及以下参数: TargetFqdn (注册器池的 FQDN) ;SenderSipAddress (第一个测试用户) 的 SIP 地址;SenderCredential (包含此同一用户的凭据的 Windows PowerShell 对象) ;ReceiverSipAddress (其他测试用户) 的 SIP 地址;和 ReceiverCredential (Windows PowerShell 对象,其中包含其他测试用户) 的凭据。To carry out this task, the Test-CsASConference cmdlet is called, along with the following parameters: TargetFqdn (the FQDN of the Registrar pool); SenderSipAddress (the SIP address for the first test user); SenderCredential (the Windows PowerShell object containing the credentials for this same user); ReceiverSipAddress (the SIP address for the other test user); and ReceiverCredential (the Windows PowerShell object containing the credentials for the other test user).

$cred1 = Get-Credential "litwareinc\pilar" 
$cred2 = Get-Credential "litwareinc\kenmyer" 
Test-CsASConference -TargetFqdn atl-cs-001.litwareinc.com -SenderSipAddress "sip:pilar@litwareinc.com" -SenderCredential $cred1 -ReceiverSipAddress "sip:kenmyer@litwareinc.com" -ReceiverCredential $cred2

确定成功或失败Determining success or failure

如果正确配置了应用程序共享,则会收到类似于以下内容的输出,并将 Result 属性标记为 " 成功":If application sharing is correctly configured, you'll receive output similar to this, with the Result property marked as Success:

目标 Fqdn: atl-cs-001.litwareinc.comTarget Fqdn : atl-cs-001.litwareinc.com

结果:成功Result : Success

延迟:00:00:01Latency : 00:00:01

错误消息:Error Message :

诊断Diagnosis :

如果指定用户不能共享应用程序,则结果将显示为 "失败",并且会在 "错误" 和 "诊断" 属性中记录其他信息:If the specified users can't share applications, the Result will be shown as Failure, and additional information will be recorded in the Error and Diagnosis properties:

目标 Fqdn: atl-cs-001.litwareinc.comTarget Fqdn : atl-cs-001.litwareinc.com

结果:失败Result : Failure

延迟:00:00:00Latency : 00:00:00

错误消息:10060,连接尝试失败,因为连接方Error Message : 10060, A connection attempt failed because the connected party

在一段时间后未正确响应,或者did not properly respond after a period of time, or

已建立连接失败,因为连接的主机具有established connection failed because connected host has

未能响应10.188.116.96:5061failed to respond

内部异常:连接尝试失败,因为Inner Exception:A connection attempt failed because the

连接方在一段时间后未正确响应connected party did not properly respond after a period of

时间,或已建立的连接失败,因为连接的主机time, or established connection failed because connected host

未能响应10.188.116.96:5061has failed to respond

诊断Diagnosis :

例如,以前的输出包括 "连接方未正确响应" 这一说明,这通常表示边缘服务器存在问题。For example, the previous output includes the note “the connected party did not properly respond” That typically indicates a problem with the Edge Server.

测试可能失败的原因Reasons why the test might have failed

以下是 测试 CsASConference 可能失败的一些常见原因:Here are some common reasons why Test-CsASConference might fail:

  • 提供的参数值不正确。An incorrect parameter value was supplied. 如果使用,则必须正确配置可选参数或测试将失败。If used, the optional parameters must be configured correctly or the test will fail. 重新运行不带可选参数的命令,并查看是否成功。Rerun the command without the optional parameters and see whether that succeeds.

  • 如果为测试用户分配了阻止其使用应用程序共享的会议策略,则此命令将失败。This command will fail if the test users were assigned a conferencing policy that prevents them from using application sharing.

  • 如果边缘服务器配置错误或尚未部署,则此命令将失败。This command will fail if the Edge Server is misconfigured or not yet deployed.