Lync Server 2013 中的设备的新增功能What's new for devices in Lync Server 2013


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Lync Server 2013 包括 Lync Phone Edition、在合格设备上运行的软件,并提供传统和高级电话功能、集成安全性、可管理性等。Lync Server 2013 includes Lync Phone Edition, software that runs on qualified devices and provides traditional and advanced telephony features, integrated security, manageability, and more. Lync Phone Edition 的工作方式2013与 lync server 2010 相同。Lync Phone Edition works the same way with Lync Server 2013 as it does with Lync Server 2010. 有关与设备相关的最新功能的详细信息,请参阅 Lync Server 2010 TechNet 库中 设备的新增 功能。For details about the newest features related to devices, see What’s New for Devices in the Lync Server 2010 TechNet Library.