Windows Autopilot 注册状态页Windows Autopilot Enrollment Status Page

适用于Applies to

  • Windows 10 版本 1803 及更高版本Windows 10, version 1803 and later

用户第一次登录设备时,"注册状态" 页 (ESP) 显示设备的配置进度。When a user signs into a device for the first time, the Enrollment Status Page (ESP) displays the device's configuration progress. ESP 还可以确保设备在用户首次访问桌面之前处于预期状态。The ESP also makes sure the device is in the expected state before the user can access the desktop for the first time.

ESP 跟踪应用程序、安全策略、证书和网络连接的安装。The ESP tracks the installation of applications, security policies, certificates, and network connections.

ESP 配置文件ESP profiles

管理员可以将 ESP 配置文件部署到许可的 Intune 用户,并在 ESP 配置文件中配置特定设置。An administrator can deploy ESP profiles to a licensed Intune user and configure specific settings within the ESP profile. 其中一些设置为:A few of these settings are:

  • 强制安装指定的应用程序。Force the installation of specified applications.
  • 允许用户收集疑难解答日志。Allow users to collect troubleshooting logs.
  • 指定用户在设备安装失败时可以执行的操作。Specify what a user can do if device setup fails.

有关详细信息,请参阅如何 在 Intune 中设置注册状态页For more information, see how to set up the Enrollment Status Page in Intune.


详细信息More information

有关配置 "注册状态" 页的详细信息,请参阅 Microsoft Intune 文档For more information on configuring the Enrollment Status Page, see the Microsoft Intune documentation.
有关基础实现的详细信息,请参阅 DMCLIENT CSP 文档中的 FirstSyncStatus 详细信息For details about the underlying implementation, see the FirstSyncStatus details in the DMClient CSP documentation.
有关应用程序安装阻止的详细信息,请执行以下操作:For more information about blocking for app installation: