Microsoft Intune 中适用于已加入混合 Azure AD 的设备的配置域加入设置Configuration Domain Join settings for hybrid Azure AD joined devices in Microsoft Intune

许多环境使用本地 Active Directory (AD)。Many environments use on-premises Active Directory (AD). 当已加入 AD 域的设备同时加入到 Azure AD 时,它们被称为已加入混合 Azure AD 的设备。When AD domain-joined devices are also joined to Azure AD, they're called hybrid Azure AD joined devices. 使用 Windows Autopilot,可以在 Intune 中注册已加入混合 Azure AD 的设备Using Windows Autopilot, you can enroll hybrid Azure AD joined devices in Intune. 若要注册,还需要“域加入”配置文件。To enroll, you also need a Domain Join configuration profile.

“域加入”配置文件包括本地 Active Directory 域信息。A Domain Join configuration profile includes on-premises Active Directory domain information. 当设备正在预配(且通常处于脱机状态)时,此配置文件会部署 AD 域详细信息,以便设备知道要加入哪个本地域。When devices are provisioning (and typically offline), this profile deploys the AD domain details so devices know which on-premises domain to join. 如果不创建域加入配置文件,这些设备可能无法部署。If you don't create a domain join profile, these devices might fail to deploy.

此功能适用于:This feature applies to:

  • Windows 10 及更高版本Windows 10 and newer
  • 已加入混合 Azure AD 的设备Hybrid Azure AD joined devices
  • 通过 Autopilot + Intune 进行混合部署Hybrid deployment with Autopilot + Intune

本文介绍了如何为混合 Autopilot 部署创建域加入配置文件。This article shows you how to create a domain join profile for a hybrid Autopilot deployment. 你还可以查看可用的设置。You can also see the available settings.

创建配置文件Create the profile

  1. 登录到 Microsoft 终结点管理器管理中心Sign in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.

  2. 选择“设备” > “配置文件” > “创建配置文件”。Select Devices > Configuration profiles > Create profile.

  3. 输入以下属性:Enter the following properties:

    • 平台:选择“Windows 10 及更高版本”。Platform: Select Windows 10 and later.
    • 配置文件:选择“域加入(预览版)”。Profile: Select Domain Join (preview).
  4. 选择“创建”。Select Create.

  5. 在“基本信息”中,输入以下属性:In Basics, enter the following properties:

    • 名称:输入策略的描述性名称。Name: Enter a descriptive name for the policy. 为策略命名,以便稍后可以轻松地识别它们。Name your policies so you can easily identify them later. 例如,将策略名称命名为“Windows 10: 域加入配置文件,其中包含本地域信息,用于向 Windows Autopilot 注册已加入混合 AD 的设备”就很不错。For example, a good policy name is Windows 10: Domain join profile that includes on-premises domain information to enroll hybrid AD joined devices with Windows Autopilot.
    • 描述:输入策略的说明。Description: Enter a description for the policy. 此设置是可选的,但建议进行。This setting is optional, but recommended.
  6. 选择“下一步”。Select Next.

  7. 在“配置设置”中,输入以下属性:In Configuration settings, enter the following properties:

    • 计算机名称前缀:输入设备名称的前缀。Computer name prefix: Enter a prefix for the device name. 计算机名称长度为 15 个字符。Computer names are 15 characters long. 前缀后的剩余 15 个字符是随机生成的。After the prefix, the remaining 15 characters are randomly generated.

    • 域名:输入设备要加入的完全限定的域名 (FQDN)。Domain name: Enter the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) the devices are to join. 例如,输入 example, enter

    • 组织单位(可选):输入要在其中创建计算机帐户的组织单位 (OU) 的完整路径(可分辨名称)。Organizational unit (optional): Enter the full path (distinguished name) to the organizational unit (OU) the computer accounts are to be created. 例如,输入 "CN=Users,DC=Contoso,DC=com"For example, enter "CN=Users,DC=Contoso,DC=com". 如果未输入值,则使用已知的计算机对象容器。If you don't enter a value, a well-known computer object container is used.

      有关此设置的详细信息和建议,请参阅部署已加入混合 Azure AD 的设备For more information and advice on this setting, see Deploy hybrid Azure AD-joined devices.

  8. 选择“下一步”。Select Next.

  9. 在“作用域标记”(可选)中,分配一个标记以将配置文件筛选到特定 IT 组(如 US-NC IT TeamJohnGlenn_ITDepartment)。In Scope tags (optional), assign a tag to filter the profile to specific IT groups, such as US-NC IT Team or JohnGlenn_ITDepartment. 有关范围标记的详细信息,请参阅将 RBAC 和范围标记用于分布式 ITFor more information about scope tags, see Use RBAC and scope tags for distributed IT.

    选择“下一步”。Select Next.

  10. 在“分配”中,选择将接收配置文件的设备组。In Assignments, select the device groups that will receive your profile. 有关分配配置文件的详细信息,请参阅分配用户和设备配置文件For more information about assigning profiles, see Assign user and device profiles.

    如果需要将设备加入不同的域或 OU,请创建不同的设备组。If you need to join devices to different domains or OUs, create different device groups.

    选择“下一步” 。Select Next.

  11. 在“查看并创建”中查看设置。In Review + create, review your settings. 选择“创建”时,将保存所做的更改并分配配置文件。When you select Create, your changes are saved, and the profile is assigned. 该策略也会显示在配置文件列表中。The policy is also shown in the profiles list.

现在,可以使用 Intune 和 Windows Autopilot 部署已加入混合 Azure AD 的设备It's now ready for you to deploy hybrid Azure AD-joined devices by using Intune and Windows Autopilot.

后续步骤Next steps

分配配置文件之后,监视其状态After the profile is assigned, monitor its status.

使用 Intune 和 Windows Autopilot 部署已加入混合 Azure AD 的设备Deploy hybrid Azure AD-joined devices by using Intune and Windows Autopilot.