Windows Holographic for Business 设置,用于管理使用 Intune 的共享设备Windows Holographic for Business settings to manage shared devices using Intune

Windows Holographic for Business 设备(如 Microsoft HoloLens)可以由多个用户使用。Windows Holographic for Business devices, such as the Microsoft HoloLens, can be used by multiple users. 具有多个用户的设备称为共享设备,是移动设备管理 (MDM) 解决方案的一部分。Devices that have multiple users are called shared devices, and are a part of mobile device management (MDM) solutions.

通过 Microsoft Intune,用户可以使用来宾帐户登录到这些共享设备。Using Microsoft Intune, users can sign in to these shared devices with a guest account. 用户使用设备时,只能访问你允许访问的功能。As they use the device, they only get access to features you allow.

本文列出并介绍用于 Windows Holographic for Business 设备配置文件的设置。This article lists and describes the settings you use in a Windows Holographic for Business device configuration profile. 在 Intune 中创建配置文件时,可以将配置文件部署或分配到贵组织中的设备组。When the profile is created in Intune, you then deploy or assign the profile to device groups in your organization. 还可以将此配置文件分配到具有混合设备类型和操作系统版本的设备组。You can also assign this profile to a device group with mixed device types and OS versions.

有关 Intune 中此功能的详细信息,请参阅控制共享电脑或多用户设备上的访问权限、帐户和电源功能For more information on this feature in Intune, see Control access, accounts, and power features on shared PC or multi-user devices. 有关 Windows CSP 的详细信息,请参阅 AccountManagement CSPFor more information on the Windows CSP, see AccountManagement CSP.

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创建 Windows 10 共享多用户设备配置文件Create a Windows 10 shared multi-user device configuration profile.

创建 Windows 10 共享用户设备配置文件时,设置数超过了本文所列的设置数。When you create a Windows 10 shared user device configuration profile, there are more settings than what's listed in this article. Windows Holographic for Business 设备支持本文中的设置。The settings in this article are supported on Windows Holographic for Business devices.

共享的多用户设备设置Shared multi-user device settings


运行 Windows Holographic for Business 的设备(包括 Microsoft HoloLens)仅支持“帐户管理”设置。Devices that run Windows Holographic for Business, including the Microsoft HoloLens, only support the Account management settings. 如果配置 Intune 中显示的任何其他设置(包括“共享电脑模式”),不会对这些设备造成任何影响。If you configure any of the other settings shown in Intune, including Shared PC mode, it has no impact on these devices.

  • 帐户管理:选择是否自动删除帐户。Account management: Choose if accounts are automatically deleted. 选项包括:Your options:
    • 未配置(默认):自动删除来宾创建的帐户以及 AD 和 Azure AD 中的帐户。Not configured (default): Automatically deletes local accounts created by guests, and accounts in AD and Azure AD. 用户注销设备或运行系统维护时,也会删除这些帐户。When a user signs off the device, or when system maintenance runs, these accounts are deleted.

      此外请输入:Also enter:

      • 帐户删除:选择删除帐户的时间:Account Deletion: Choose when accounts are deleted:
        • 达到存储空间阈值At storage space threshold
        • 达到存储空间阈值和非活动时间阈值At storage space threshold and inactive threshold
        • 注销后立即Immediately after log-out

      此外请输入:Also enter:

      • 开始删除阈值(%) :输入磁盘空间的百分比 (0-100)。Start delete threshold(%): Enter a percentage (0-100) of disk space. 总磁盘/存储空间低于输入的值时,删除缓存的帐户。When the total disk/storage space drops below the value you enter, the cached accounts are deleted. 不断删除帐户以回收磁盘空间。It continuously deletes accounts to reclaim disk space. 首先删除处于非活动状态时间最长的帐户。Accounts that are inactive the longest are deleted first.
      • 停止删除阈值(%) :输入磁盘空间的百分比 (0-100)。Stop delete threshold(%): Enter a percentage (0-100) of disk space. 总磁盘/存储空间达到输入的值时,停止删除缓存的帐户。When the total disk/storage space meets the value you enter, the deleting stops.
    • 禁用:来宾创建的本地、AD 和 Azure AD 帐户保留在设备上,不会被删除。Disable: The local, AD, and Azure AD accounts created by guests stay on the device, and aren't deleted.

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