在 Intune 中注册 iOS/iPadOS 设备Enroll iOS/iPadOS devices in Intune

Intune 启用了 iPad 和 iPhone 的移动设备管理 (MDM),以允许用户安全访问公司电子邮件、数据和应用。Intune enables mobile device management (MDM) of iPads and iPhones to give users secure access to company email, data, and apps.

Intune 管理员可以为 iOS/iPadOS 和 iPadOS 设备设置注册,以访问公司资源。As an Intune admin, you can set up enrollment for iOS/iPadOS and iPadOS devices to access company resources. 可以允许用户注册个人拥有的设备,称为“自带设备”(BYOD) 注册。You can let users enroll personally-owned devices, known as "bring your own device" (BYOD) enrollment. 还可以设置公司拥有设备的注册。You can also set up enrollment of company-owned devices.

iOS/iPadOS 注册的先决条件Prerequisites for iOS/iPadOS enrollment

在启用 iOS/iPadOS 设备之前,请完成以下步骤:Before you can enable iOS/iPadOS devices, complete the following steps:

用户拥有的 iOS/iPadOS 和 iPadOS 设备 (BYOD)User-owned iOS/iPadOS and iPadOS devices (BYOD)

可以让用户注册其个人设备用于 Intune 管理,这称为“自带设备办公”或 BYOD。You can let users enroll their personal devices for Intune management, know as "bring your own device" or BYOD. 有三个选项可用于注册用户:There are three options for enrolling users:

  • 应用保护策略为你提供最轻松的 BYOD 体验,从而仅在应用级别提供管理。App Protection Policies give you the lightest BYOD experience, providing management at an app level only. 但是,如果你还想使用带 6 位数的复杂 PIN 来保护设备,则可以将这些策略与用户注册一起使用。However, if you want to also secure the device with a 6-digit complex PIN, you can use these policies along with User Enrollment.
  • 设备注册被视为典型的 BYOD 注册。Device Enrollment is what you may think of as typical BYOD enrollment. 它为管理员提供各种管理选项。It provides admins with a wide range of management options.
  • 用户注册是一种更简单的注册过程,它为管理员提供部分设备管理选项。User Enrollment is a more streamlined enrollment process that provides admins with a subset of device management options. 此功能目前处于预览状态。This feature is currently in preview.

完成先决条件并分配用户许可证后,用户便可从 App Store 下载 Intune 公司门户应用,然后按照应用中的注册说明进行操作。After you've completed the prerequisites and assigned user licenses, users can download the Intune Company Portal app from the App Store, and follow enrollment instructions in the app. 可以按照如何自定义 Intune 公司门户应用、公司门户网站和 Intune 应用中的说明自定义 iOS/iPadOS 设备上的公司门户隐私声明。You can customize the Company Portal privacy statement on iOS/iPadOS devices as explained in How to customize the Intune Company Portal apps, Company Portal website, and Intune app.

公司拥有的 iOS/iPadOS 设备Company-owned iOS/iPadOS devices

对于为用户购买设备的组织,Intune 还支持以下公司拥有的 iOS/iPadOS 设备注册方法:For organizations that buy devices for their users, Intune supports the following iOS/iPadOS company-owned device enrollment methods:

  • Apple 的自动设备注册 (ADE)Apple's Automated Device Enrollment (ADE)
  • Apple School ManagerApple School Manager
  • Apple Configurator 设置助理注册Apple Configurator Setup Assistant enrollment
  • Apple Configurator 直接注册Apple Configurator direct enrollment

还可使用设备注册管理器帐户注册公司拥有的 iOS/iPadOS 设备。You can also enroll company-owned iOS/iPadOS devices with a device enrollment manager account.

自动设备注册Automated Device Enrollment

组织可以通过 Apple 的自动设备注册 (ADE) 购买 iOS/iPadOS 设备。Organizations can purchase iOS/iPadOS devices through Apple's Automated Device Enrollment (ADE). ADE 允许用户通过“无线方式”部署注册配置文件以对设备进行管理。ADE lets you deploy an enrollment profile "over the air" to bring devices into management. 有关详细信息,请参阅通过 Apple 自动设备注册自动注册 iOS/iPadOS 设备For more information, see Automatically enroll iOS/iPadOS devices with Apple's Automated Device Enrollment.

用户注册User enrollment

与其他注册方法相比,用户注册为管理员提供部分管理选项。User Enrollment gives admins a subset of management options compared to other enrollment methods. 有关详细信息,请参阅用户注册支持的操作、密码和其他选项设置 iOS/iPadOS 和 iPadOS 用户注册For more information, see User Enrollment supported actions, passwords, and other options and Set up iOS/iPadOS and iPadOS User Enrollment.

Apple School ManagerApple School Manager

Apple School Manager 是适用于学校的设备购买和注册计划。Apple School Manager is a device purchase and enrollment program for schools. 与 ADE 一样,用户可以部署一个配置文件以注册设备进行管理。Like ADE, you can deploy a profile to enroll devices in management. 详细了解 Apple School ManagerLearn more about Apple School Manager.

Apple ConfiguratorApple Configurator

可以通过在 Mac 计算机上运行的 Apple Configurator 来注册 iOS/iPadOS 设备。You can enroll iOS/iPadOS devices with Apple Configurator running on a Mac computer. 若要使设备准备就绪,请使用 USB 连接它们并安装注册配置文件。To prepare devices, you USB-connect them and install an enrollment profile. 可采用两种方法用 Apple Configurator 注册设备:You can enroll devices with Apple Configurator in two ways:

  • 设置助理注册 - 擦除设备,准备好运行设置助理,从而为设备的新用户安装公司策略。Setup Assistant enrollment - Wipes the device, prepares it to run Setup Assistant, and installs the company's policies for the device's new user.
  • 直接注册 - 不擦除设备,并使用预定义策略注册设备。Direct enrollment - Doesn't wipe the device and enrolls the device with a predefined policy. 此方法适用于“无用户关联”的设备。This method is for devices with no user affinity.

详细了解 Apple Configurator 注册Learn more about Apple Configurator enrollment.

在注册了 ADE 或 Apple Configurator 的设备上使用公司门户Use the Company Portal on ADE-enrolled or Apple Configurator-enrolled devices

配置了用户关联的设备可以安装和运行公司门户应用,以下载应用和管理设备。Devices configured with user affinity can install and run the Company Portal app to download apps and manage devices. 用户收到设备后,必须完成一些其他步骤,以便完成设置助理并安装公司门户应用。After users receive their devices, they must complete a number of additional steps to complete the Setup Assistant and install the Company Portal app.

需要关联用户才可支持以下内容:User affinity is required to support the following:

  • 移动应用程序管理 (MAM) 应用Mobile application management (MAM) apps
  • 对电子邮件和公司数据的条件访问Conditional Access to email and company data
  • 公司门户应用Company Portal app

用户如何注册具有用户关联的公司拥有的 iOS/iPadOS 设备How users enroll corporate-owned iOS/iPadOS devices with user affinity

  1. 用户打开设备时,系统会提示其完成设置助理。When users turn on their device, they are prompted to complete the Setup Assistant.
  2. 安装完成后,系统会提示用户输入 Apple ID。After completing setup, users are prompted for an Apple ID. 必须提供 Apple ID 才能允许设备安装公司门户。They must provide an Apple ID to allow the device to install Company Portal.
  3. iOS/iPadOS 设备会自动从 App Store 安装公司门户应用。The iOS/iPadOS device automatically installs the Company Portal app from the App Store.
  4. 用户应启动公司门户应用,并使用与其在 Intune 中的订阅关联的凭据(如唯一的个人名称或 UPN)登录。Users should launch the Company Portal app and sign in using the credentials (like the unique personal name or UPN) that are associated with their subscription in Intune.
  5. 登录后,即完成注册。After logging in, enrollment is complete. 现在用户可以使用此设备的完整功能集。Users can now use this device with the full set of capabilities.

有关无用户关联的企业拥有的托管设备About corporate-owned managed devices with no user affinity

配置为无用户关联的设备不支持公司门户,并且不应安装应用。Devices that are configured with no user affinity do not support the Company Portal and should not have the app installed. 公司门户适用于具有企业凭据的用户,并且需要访问个性化企业资源(例如电子邮件)的权限。The Company Portal is designed for users who have corporate credentials and require access to personalized corporate resources (like email). 注册为无用户关联的设备并不具有专用的用户登录。Devices that are enrolled with no user affinity aren't intended to have a dedicated user sign in. 展台、销售点 (POS) 或共享实用程序设备是注册为“无用户关联”的设备的典型用例。Kiosk, point of sale (POS), or shared-utility devices are typical use cases for devices that are enrolled with no user affinity.

如果需要用户关联,注册设备前请确保设备的注册配置文件选中“用户关联”。If user affinity is required, be sure that the device's enrollment profile has User Affinity selected before enrolling the device. 若要更改设备的关联状态,必须停用并重新注册设备。To change the affinity status on a device, you must retire the device and reenroll it.

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