MDM 和 MAM 的区别Difference between MDM and MAM

Microsoft 365 商业高级版提供了多种保护业务数据的方法。Microsoft 365 Business Premium offers a number of ways for you to protect your business data. 请参阅 Microsoft 365 商业 高级版概述,详细了解自动设置的各种保护,以及你可以设置哪些内容来进一步保护业务。See Overview of Microsoft 365 Business Premium for more about the various protections that are automatically set up, and what you can set up yourself to further protect your business. 还可以设置用于保护 Windows 10 设备和移动设备数据的策略。You can also set up policies that protect your Windows 10 devices and the data in your mobile devices. 设置 Windows 10 设备的应用程序保护设置Set application protection settings for Windows 10 devices.

移动设备管理或 MDMMobile device management or MDM

Microsoft 365 商业高级版允许你设置保护 Windows 10 设备上数据的策略。Microsoft 365 Business Premium lets you set up policies that protect data on your Windows 10 devices. 当设备在移动设备管理下时,你可以控制整个设备,并且可以从该设备擦除数据,还可以将设备重置为出厂设置。When a device is under mobile device management, you control the entire device, and can wipe data from it, and also reset it to factory settings. 有关详细信息,请参阅为 Windows 10 电脑设置设备保护设置For more information, see Set device protection settings for Windows 10 PCs.

移动应用程序管理或 MAMMobile application management or MAM

移动应用程序管理允许你控制用户的个人设备(如 iPhone 和 Android)中的业务数据,以及他们的个人 Win 10 计算机。Mobile application management lets you control your business data in your users' personal devices, such as iPhones and Androids, and their personal Win 10 computers. 可以使用应用程序管理策略来防止用户将业务数据从 Office 应用复制到其个人应用。You can use application management policies to prevent your users from copying business data from Office apps to their personal apps. 还可以从个人设备的 Office 应用中删除所有数据。You can also remove all data from the Office apps on their personal devices. 有关详细信息,请参阅设置 Android 或 iOS 设备的应用保护设置和设置 Windows 10 设备的应用程序保护设置For more information, see Set app protection settings for Android or iOS devices and Set application protection settings for Windows 10 devices.