Microsoft 365 中的 Microsoft 信息治理Microsoft Information Governance in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 安全性与合规性许可指南Microsoft 365 licensing guidance for security & compliance.

使用 Microsoft 信息管理(有时缩写为 MIG)功能来管理数据,以满足合规性或监管要求。Use Microsoft Information Governance (sometimes abbreviated to MIG) capabilities to govern your data for compliance or regulatory requirements.

管理数据 - 信息治理和记录管理

需要保护数据?Looking to protect your data? 请参阅 Microsoft 365 中的 Microsoft 信息保护See Microsoft Information Protection in Microsoft 365.

为帮助遵守数据隐私法规,我们设计工作流指导你完成端到端流程,以在 Microsoft 365 中计划和实现功能,包括安全访问、威胁防护、信息保护和数据管理。有关详细信息,请参阅 使用 Microsoft 365 为数据隐私法规部署信息保护 (。To help you comply with data privacy regulations, we’ve designed a workflow to guide you through an end-to-end process to plan and implement capabilities across Microsoft 365, including secure access, threat protection, information protection, and data governance. For more information, see Deploy information protection for data privacy regulations with Microsoft 365 (

信息管理政策Information governance

保留所需要的东西,删除不需要的东西:To keep what you need and delete what you don't:

功能Capability 它能解决什么问题?What problems does it solve? 开始行动Get started
保留策略和保留标签Retention policies and retention labels 通过策略管理和删除工作流程以保留或删除电子邮件、文档、即时消息等内容。Retain or delete content with policy management and a deletion workflow for email, documents, instant messages, and more

示例方案:自动保留应用内容标签Example scenario: Apply a retention label to content automatically
开始使用保留策略和保留标签Get started with retention policies and retention labels
导入服务Import service 将 PST 文件批量导入到 Exchange Online 邮箱,以保留和搜索电子邮件信息,以满足合规性或法规要求Bulk-import PST files to Exchange Online mailboxes to retain and search email messages for compliance or regulatory requirements 使用网络上传将组织的 PST 文件导入到 Microsoft 365Use network upload to import your organization's PST files to Microsoft 365
存档第三方数据Archive third-party data 从社交媒体平台、即时通讯平台、文档协作平台导入、归档、应用第三方数据的合规性解决方案。Import, archive, and apply compliance solutions to third-party data from social media platforms, instant messaging platforms, and document collaboration platforms 第三方连接器Third-party connectors
非活动邮箱Inactive mailboxes 在员工离开组织后保留邮箱内容Retain mailbox content after employees leave the organization 创建和管理非活动邮箱Create and manage inactive mailboxes

记录管理Records management

为法律、业务或法规义务管理高价值内容:To manage high-value content for legal, business, or regulatory obligations:

功能Capability 它能解决什么问题?What problems does it solve? 开始行动Get started
记录管理Records management 针对电子邮件和文档的单一解决方案,可将保留计划和要求纳入文件计划中,通过记录声明、保留和处置来支持内容完整生命周期。A single solution for email and documents that incorporates retention schedules and requirements into a file plan that supports the full lifecycle of your content with records declaration, retention, and disposition

示例方案:记录的处置Example scenario: Disposition of records
开始进行记录管理Get started with records management

许可要求Licensing requirements

Microsoft 信息治理的许可要求取决于使用的方案和功能,而不是为本页列出的每个功能设置许可要求。License requirements for Microsoft Information Governance depend on the scenarios and features you use, rather than set licensing requirements for each capability listed on this page. 若要了解许可要求和选项,请参阅 Microsoft 365 许可文档中的 信息管理记录管理 部分,并下载相关的 PDF 或 Excel。To understand your licensing requirements and options, see the Information Governance and Records Management sections from the Microsoft 365 licensing documentation, and download the related PDF or Excel.