Microsoft 365 企业版测试实验室指南Microsoft 365 for enterprise Test Lab Guides

这同时适用于 Microsoft 365 企业版和 Office 365 企业版。This applies to both Microsoft 365 for enterprise and Office 365 Enterprise.

测试实验室指南 (TLG) 可帮助你快速了解 Microsoft 产品。它们提供了用于配置已简化但具有代表性的测试环境的说明性指南。可以在试用版或付费订阅期间使用这些环境进行演示、自定义或创建概念的复杂论证。Test Lab Guides (TLGs) help you quickly learn about Microsoft products. They provide prescriptive instructions to configure simplified but representative test environments. You can use these environments for demonstration, customization, or creation of complex proofs of concept for the duration of a trial or paid subscription.

TTL 设计为模块化。TLGs are designed to be modular. 它们基于彼此构建,以创建更符合你的学习或测试配置需求的多个配置。They build upon each other to create multiple configurations that more closely match your learning or test configuration needs. "我亲自构建,它可运行"的动手体验可帮助你了解新产品或方案的部署要求,以便你可以更好地规划在生产中托管它。The "I built it out myself and it works" hands-on experience helps you understand the deployment requirements of a new product or scenario, so that you can better plan for hosting it in production.

您还可以使用 TTL 创建具有代表性的环境来开发和测试应用程序,也称为开发/测试环境。You can also use TLGs to create representative environments to develop and test applications, also known as dev/test environments.

Microsoft 云测试实验室指南

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基本配置Base configuration

首先,为 Microsoft 365 企业版创建测试环境First, create a test environment for Microsoft 365 for enterprise. 可以创建两种不同类型的基本配置:You can create two different types of base configurations:

  • 轻型基本配置 - 当你想要在仅云环境中配置和演示 Microsoft 365 企业版特性和功能(不包括任何本地组件)时,可使用此配置。Lightweight base configuration - Use this when you want to configure and demonstrate Microsoft 365 for enterprise features and capabilities in a cloud-only environment, which does not include any on-premises components.

  • 模拟企业基础配置 - 在混合云环境中配置和演示 Microsoft 365 企业版特性和功能时使用此配置,该环境使用 Active Directory 域服务 (AD DS) 域等本地组件。Simulated enterprise base configuration - Use this when you want to configure and demonstrate Microsoft 365 for enterprise features and capabilities in a hybrid cloud environment, which uses on-premises components such as an Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain.

此外,还可通过不将 Microsoft 365 E5 许可证添加到试用版或产品测试环境中,来创建 Office 365 E5 的测试环境。You can also create test environments for Office 365 E5 by not adding the Microsoft 365 E5 license to your trial or production test environment.


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