Exchange Online 中的多地理位置功能Multi-Geo Capabilities in Exchange Online

在多地理位置环境中,可以基于每个用户选择 Exchange Online 邮箱内容(静态数据)的位置。In a multi-geo environment, you can select the location of Exchange Online mailbox content (data at rest) on a per-user basis.

你可以通过以下方式将邮箱放置在卫星地理位置:You can place mailboxes in satellite geo locations by:

  • 直接在卫星地理位置创建新的 Exchange Online 邮箱。Creating a new Exchange Online mailbox directly in a satellite geo location.

  • 通过更改用户的首选数据位置,将现有 Exchange Online 邮箱移动到卫星地理位置。Moving an existing Exchange Online mailbox to a satellite geo location by changing the user's preferred data location.

  • 将邮箱从内部部署 Exchange 组织直接挂载到卫星地理位置。Onboarding a mailbox from an on-premises Exchange organization directly into a satellite geo location.

邮箱放置和移动Mailbox placement and moves

Microsoft 完成必备的多地理位置配置步骤后,Exchange Online 将遵循 Azure AD 中用户对象的 PreferredDataLocation 属性。After Microsoft completes the prerequisite multi-geo configuration steps, Exchange Online will honor the PreferredDataLocation attribute on user objects in Azure AD.

Exchange Online 将 PreferredDataLocation 属性从 Azure AD 同步到 Exchange Online 目录服务中的 MailboxRegion 属性。Exchange Online synchronizes the PreferredDataLocation property from Azure AD into the MailboxRegion property in the Exchange Online directory service. MailboxRegion 的值确定将放置用户邮箱和任何相关存档邮箱的地理位置。The value of MailboxRegion determines the geo location where user mailboxes and any associated archive mailboxes will be placed. 无法将用户的主邮箱和存档邮箱配置为驻留在不同的地理位置。It is not possible to configure a user's primary mailbox and archive mailboxes to reside in different geo locations. 每个用户对象只能配置一个地理位置。Only one geo location may be configured per user object.

  • 在具有现有邮箱的用户上配置 PreferredDataLocation 时,邮箱将被放入重定位队列,并自动移动到指定的地理位置。When PreferredDataLocation is configured on a user with an existing mailbox, the mailbox will be put into a relocation queue and automatically moved to the specified geo location.

  • 如果在没有现有邮箱的用户上配置 PreferredDataLocation,则在配置邮箱时,它将被配置到指定的地理位置。When PreferredDataLocation is configured on a user without an existing mailbox, when you provision the mailbox, it will be provisioned into the specified geo location.

  • 如果用户上未指定 PreferredDataLocation,则在配置邮箱时,它将被配置在中心地理位置。When PreferredDataLocation is not specified on a user, when you provision the mailbox, it will be provisioned in the central geo location.

  • 如果 PreferredDataLocation 代码不正确(例如,类型为 NAN 而不是 NAM),则邮箱将被配置在中心地理位置。If the PreferredDataLocation code is incorrect (e.g. a type of NAN instead of NAM), the mailbox will be provisioned in the central geo location.

注意:多地理位置功能和 Skype for Business Online 区域性托管会议都使用用户对象上的 PreferredDataLocation 属性来定位服务。Note: Multi-geo capabilities and Skype for Business Online regionally hosted meetings both use the PreferredDataLocation property on user objects to locate services. 如果在区域托管会议的用户对象上配置 PreferredDataLocation 值,则在 Microsoft 365 租户上启用多地理位置后,这些用户的邮箱将自动移动到指定的地理位置。If you configure PreferredDataLocation values on user objects for regionally hosted meetings, the mailbox for those users will be automatically moved to the specified geo location after multi-geo is enabled on the Microsoft 365 tenant.

Exchange Online 中多地理位置的功能限制Feature limitations for multi-geo in Exchange Online

  • Exchange 管理中心 (EAC) 中提供的安全性和合规性功能(例如,审核和电子数据展示)在多地理位置组织中不可用。Security and compliance features (for example, auditing and eDiscovery) that are available in the Exchange admin center (EAC) aren't available in multi-geo organizations. 你需要改用 Microsoft 365 安全与合规中心来配置安全性和合规性功能。Instead, you need to use the Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance Center to configure security and compliance features.

  • 当你将 Outlook for Mac 用户的邮箱移动到新的地理位置时,他们可能会暂时无法访问其在线存档文件夹。Outlook for Mac users may experience a temporary loss of access to their Online Archive folder while you move their mailbox to a new geo location. 当用户的主邮箱和存档邮箱位于不同的地理位置时,会出现这种情况,因为跨地理位置邮箱移动可能会在不同时间完成。This condition occurs when the user's the primary and archive mailboxes are in different geo locations, because cross-geo mailbox moves may complete at different times.

  • 用户无法在 Web 上的 Outlook(以前称为 Outlook Web App 或 OWA)中跨地理位置共享 邮箱文件夹Users can't share mailbox folders across geo locations in Outlook on the web (formerly known as Outlook Web App or OWA). 例如,欧盟的用户无法使用 Web 上的 Outlook 打开位于美国的邮箱中的共享文件夹。For example, a user in the European Union can't use Outlook on the web to open a shared folder in a mailbox that's located in the United States. 不过,Outlook 网页版用户可以使用单独的浏览器窗口打开不同地理位置中的 其他邮箱,如 在 Outlook Web App 的单独浏览器窗口中打开其他人的邮箱中所述。However, Outlook on the Web users can open other mailboxes in different geo locations by using a separate browser window as described in Open another person's mailbox in a separate browser window in Outlook Web App.

    注意:Windows 上的 Outlook 支持跨地理位置邮箱文件夹共享。Note: Cross-geo mailbox folder sharing is supported in Outlook on Windows.

  • 多地理位置组织支持公用文件夹。Public folders are supported in multi-geo organizations. 但是,公用文件夹必须保留在中心地理位置。However, the public folders must remain in the central geo location. 无法将公用文件夹移动到卫星地理位置。You can't move public folders to satellite geo locations.

  • 在多地理位置环境中,不支持跨地理位置邮箱审核。In a multi-geo environment, cross-geo mailbox auditing is not supported. 例如,如果为某用户分配了访问其他地理位置的共享邮箱的权限,此用户执行的邮箱操作不会记录在共享邮箱的邮箱审核日志中。For example, if a user is assigned permissions to access a shared mailbox in a different geo location, mailbox actions performed by that user are not logged in the mailbox audit log of the shared mailbox. 有关详细信息,请参阅管理邮箱审核For more information, see Manage mailbox auditing.