Microsoft 安全分数中的新增功能What's new in Microsoft Secure Score


改进的 Microsoft 365 安全中心现已提供公共预览版。The improved Microsoft 365 security center is now available in public preview. 此新体验将 Defender for Endpoint、Defender for Office 365、Microsoft 365 Defender 等引入 Microsoft 365 安全中心。This new experience brings Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Office 365, Microsoft 365 Defender, and more into the Microsoft 365 security center. 安全团队现可管理所有终结点、电子邮件和跨产品调查、配置和修正,而无需导航到单独的产品门户。Security teams can now manage all endpoint, email and cross product investigations, configuration and remediation without the need to navigate to separate product portals. 了解有关更改的详细信息Learn more about what's changed.

为了更好地代表 Microsoft 安全分数的安全状态,我们进行了一些更改。To make Microsoft Secure Score a better representative of your security posture, we have made some changes. 若要了解计划更改,请参阅 Microsoft 安全分数 中即将提供哪些功能?To learn about planned changes, see What's coming in Microsoft Secure Score?

Microsoft 安全分数位于 Microsoft 365 安全中心Microsoft Secure Score can be found at in the Microsoft 365 security center.

2021 年 2 月February 2021

与 Graph API 的兼容性Compatibility with Graph API

通过 Graph API 提供的 Microsoft 安全分数建议的外观和权重与当前在 Microsoft 365 安全中心看到的建议相同。Microsoft Secure Score recommendations delivered via Graph API will look and be weighted the same as the recommendations you currently see in the Microsoft 365 security center.

2021 年 1 月January 2021

添加了针对 Microsoft Teams 的第一个安全建议Added our first security recommendation for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams 客户将在安全分数中看到"限制匿名用户加入会议"作为新的改进操作。Microsoft Teams customers will see "Restrict anonymous users from joining meetings" as a new improvement action in Secure Score.

2020 年 12 月December 2020

  • 将"最小密码长度"设置为"14 个或多个字符"Set 'Minimum password length' to '14 or more characters'
  • 将"强制密码历史记录"设置为"24 个或多个密码 (") "Set 'Enforce password history' to '24 or more password(s)'
  • 将"最长密码使用时间"设置为"60 天或更少天,但不设置为 0"Set 'Maximum password age' to '60 or fewer days, but not 0'
  • 将"最短密码使用时间"设置为"1 天或 (天) "Set 'Minimum password age' to '1 or more day(s)'
  • 禁用内置管理员帐户Disable the built-in Administrator account
  • 禁用内置来宾帐户Disable the built-in Guest account

2020 年 11 月November 2020

删除了通过安全分数创建 ServiceNow 票证的能力Removed the ability to create ServiceNow tickets through Secure Score

不再提供通过安全分数创建 ServiceNow 票证(通过> ServiceNow) 的能力。The ability to create ServiceNow tickets through Secure Score by going to Share > ServiceNow is no longer available. 感谢你提供反馈,并继续支持我们确定下一步。Thank you for your feedback and continued support while we determine next steps.

  • 修复 Windows 服务的未标出服务路径Fix unquoted service path for Windows services
  • 将服务可执行路径更改为公用受保护位置Change service executable path to a common protected location
  • 更改服务帐户以避免在 Windows 注册表中缓存密码Change service account to avoid cached password in windows registry

2020 年 10 月October 2020

  • 将 Microsoft Defender SmartScreen Windows 应用商店应用 Web 内容检查设置为警告Set Microsoft Defender SmartScreen Windows Store app web content checking to warn

2020 年 8 月August 2020

更新了 Azure Active Directory 的改进操作Updated improvement action for Azure Active Directory

  • 启用策略以阻止旧身份验证Enable policy to block legacy authentication

与标识安全分数不兼容Incompatibility with Identity Secure Score

在 Microsoft 安全分数的最近版本中,发布了改进的评分模型。In the recent release of Microsoft Secure Score, an improved scoring model has been released. 通过这些更改,可以更灵活和准确地查看安全状态。These changes allow for a more flexible and accurate view of your security posture. 但是,这些更新使 Microsoft 安全分数暂时与标识安全分数不兼容。However, these updates have made Microsoft Secure Score temporarily incompatible with Identity Secure Score.

Identity Secure Score 将采用新的评分模型。In time, Identity Secure Score will adopt the new scoring model. 在此之前,客户将看到 Microsoft 安全分数和标识安全分数报告的分数的差异。Until then, customers will see differences in the scores reported by Microsoft Secure Score and the Identity Secure Score. 对此引起的不便,我们感到抱歉,并致力于确保这些体验在未来更加兼容。We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, and are working to ensure these experiences are more compatible in the future.

更新后的改进操作Updated improvement actions

  • 添加了 Azure Active Directory 改进操作Added Azure Active Directory improvement actions
  • 添加了 Microsoft Defender for Identity 改进操作Added Microsoft Defender for Identity improvement actions
  • 支持 Microsoft Defender 终结点 威胁&漏洞管理 安全建议Support for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Threat & Vulnerability Management security recommendations
    • 现在,TVM 提供的所有已发布安全建议都可用All released security recommendations supplied by TVM are now available

更新的界面和功能Updated interface and functionality

  • CISO 和潜在客户级别讨论的所有新指标和趋势视图All new metrics and trends views for CISO and lead level discussions
  • 跟踪分数并衡量分数基准的新增方法New ways to track and benchmark your score
  • 更好地跟踪和理解分数回归Better tracking and understanding for score regressions
  • 筛选、标记、搜索和分组改进操作Filter, tag, search, and group your improvement actions
  • 使用分数预测和计划操作管理你的未来目标Manage towards your future goals using score projections and planned actions
  • 等等!And more!

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