Microsoft 365 生产力插图Microsoft 365 productivity illustrations

企业Microsoft 365系列提供了实现 Microsoft 365 功能的指南,尤其是跨技术(包括 Teams 体系结构图)的功能。The Microsoft 365 enterprise solution series provides guidance for implementing Microsoft 365 capabilities, especially where capabilities cross technologies, including Teams architecture diagrams.

Microsoft 365 中生产力服务的逻辑体系结构,以 Microsoft Teams 为主导。The logical architecture of productivity services in Microsoft 365, leading with Microsoft Teams.

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Teams逻辑体系结构海报Teams logical architecture poster
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2021 年 1 月更新Updated January 2021
Microsoft 提供了一系列生产力服务,这些服务协同工作,提供数据治理、安全性和符合性相关功能的协作体验。Microsoft provides a suite of productivity services that work together to provide collaboration experiences with data governance, security, and compliance capabilities.

此系列图示展示了企业架构师生产力服务的逻辑体系结构,以 Microsoft Teams 为主导。This series of illustrations provides a view into the logical architecture of productivity services for enterprise architects, leading with Microsoft Teams.

面向 IT 架构师的 Microsoft 365 中的组Groups in Microsoft 365 for IT Architects

此图包括 IT 架构师有关组Microsoft 365的信息。This illustration includes information for IT architects about Microsoft 365 Groups. 若要了解如何在组织中配置和管理Microsoft 365组和团队进行协作,请参阅使用 Microsoft 365 设置安全协作什么是协作治理?。To learn about configuring and administering Microsoft 365 Groups and teams for collaboration in your organization, see Set up secure collaboration with Microsoft 365 and What is collaboration governance?.

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组信息图的缩略图Thumb image for groups infographic
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2020 年 5 月更新Updated May 2020
这些图示详细介绍了不同类型的组,如何创建和管理这些组,以及一些治理建议。These illustrations detail the different types of groups, how these are created and managed, and a few governance recommendations.

迁移到 Microsoft 365Migrate to Microsoft 365

Microsoft 提供了用于将本地网络文件共享和 SharePoint Server 网站迁移到 Microsoft 365,强调在迁移过程中保护和确保内容的安全性。Microsoft provides tools to migrate your on-premises network file shares and SharePoint Server sites to Microsoft 365 with an emphasis on protecting and ensuring your content's security during migration. 这组插图演示了可用于将内容移动到 SharePoint、Teams 和 OneDrive 的各种方法,以及数据在过程中如何流动。This set of illustrations demonstrates the various methods available to move your content to SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive and how your data flows through the process.

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模型海报:迁移到Microsoft 365Model poster: Migrate to Microsoft 365
2021 年 3 月更新Updated March 2021
  • 文件共享迁移File share migration
  • SharePoint Server 迁移SharePoint Server migration

有关详细信息,请参阅将内容迁移到Microsoft 365。For more information, see Migrate your content to Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365信息保护和合规性功能Microsoft 365 information protection and compliance capabilities

Microsoft 365包括一组广泛的信息保护和合规性功能。Microsoft 365 includes a broad set of information protection and compliance capabilities. 这些功能与 Microsoft 的生产力工具一起旨在帮助组织实时协作,同时遵守严格的法规合规性框架。Together with Microsoft’s productivity tools, these capabilities are designed to help organizations collaborate in real time while adhering to stringent regulatory compliance frameworks.

这组插图使用监管最严格的行业之一金融服务,演示如何应用这些功能来解决常见的法规要求。This set of illustrations uses one of the most regulated industries, financial services, to demonstrate how these capabilities can be applied to address common regulatory requirements. 可随时根据自己的使用情况来修改这些插图。Feel free to adapt these illustrations for your own use.

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模型海报:Microsoft 365 信息保护和合规性功能Model poster: Microsoft 365 information protection and compliance capabilities
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2020 年 11 月更新Updated November 2020
  • Microsoft 信息保护和数据丢失防护Microsoft information protection and data loss prevention
  • 保留策略和保留标签Retention policies and retention labels
  • 信息屏障Information barriers
  • 通信合规性Communication compliance
  • 内部风险Insider risk
  • 第三方数据摄取Third-party data ingestion

多区域组织安全和信息保护Security and Information Protection for Multi-Region Organizations

具有单个租户的多区域组织的安全和信息Microsoft 365保护Security and information protection for multi-region organizations with a single Microsoft 365 tenant

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多区域信息图Multi-region infographic
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2020 年 3 月更新Updated March 2020
出于多种原因,使用单一 Microsoft 365 租户,为全球组织提供最佳选择和体验。Using a single Microsoft 365 tenant for your global organization is the best choice and experience for many reasons. 但是,许多架构师都在为如何满足不同地区的安全性和信息保护目标而苦恼。However, many architects wrestle with how to meet security and information protection objectives across different regions. 这组主题提供了建议。This set of topics provides recommendations.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint 部署策略Microsoft Defender for Endpoint deployment strategy

根据你的环境,某些工具更适合某些体系结构。Depending on your environment, some tools are better suited for certain architectures.

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Microsoft Defender for Endpoint 部署策略缩略图Thumb image for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint deployment strategy
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2020 年 2 月更新Updated February 2020
体系结构资料有助于规划如下体系结构的部署:The architectural material helps you plan your deployment for the following architectures:
  • 云-本机Cloud-native
  • 协同管理Co-management
  • 本地On-premise
  • 评估和本地载入Evaluation and local onboarding

适用于用户的身份和设备Microsoft 365Identity and device protection for Microsoft 365

用于保护访问 azure AD 应用程序代理发布的 Microsoft 365、其他 SaaS 服务和本地应用程序的标识和设备的建议功能。Recommended capabilities for protecting identities and devices that access Microsoft 365, other SaaS services, and on-premises applications published with Azure AD Application Proxy.

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模型海报:适用于用户的身份和设备Microsoft 365Model poster: Identity and device protection for Microsoft 365
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2020 年 9 月更新Updated September 2020
请务必在数据、标识和设备中使用一致的保护级别。It's important to use consistent levels of protection across your data, identities, and devices. 此模型显示了可与保护标识和设备的功能相媲美的功能详细信息。This model shows you which capabilities are comparable with more information on capabilities to protect identities and devices.

Advanced eDiscovery体系结构Microsoft 365Advanced eDiscovery architecture in Microsoft 365

Advanced eDiscovery端到端工作流和数据流,Microsoft 365多地理位置环境中。Advanced eDiscovery end-to-end workflow and data flow, including within Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo environments.

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模型海报:Advanced eDiscovery体系结构Microsoft 365Model poster: Advanced eDiscovery Architecture in Microsoft 365
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更新时间:2020年 10 月Updated October 2020
  • 单个环境中端到端工作流End-to-end workflow in a single environment
  • 多地理位置环境中Microsoft 365端到端工作流End-to-end workflow in a Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo environment
  • 支持 EDRM 工作流的端到端数据流End-to-end data flow supporting the EDRM workflow

Microsoft 电话解决方案Microsoft Telephony Solutions

当你开始在 Microsoft 云中使用 Teams 时,Microsoft 支持多种选项。此海报可帮助你确定哪种 Microsoft 电话解决方案(云端的电话系统或本地企业语音)适合你组织中的用户,以及你的组织如何连接到公用电话交换网 (PSTN)。Microsoft supports several options as you begin your journey to Teams in the Microsoft cloud. This poster helps you decide which Microsoft telephony solution (Phone System in the cloud or Enterprise Voice on-premises) is right for users in your organization, and how your organization can connect to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

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Microsoft 电话解决方案海报Microsoft Telephony Solutions poster
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2021 年 3 月更新Updated March 2021
有关详细信息,请参阅规划语音Teams解决方案For more information, see Plan your Teams voice solution.

设置混合工作的基础结构Set up your infrastructure for hybrid work

借助 Microsoft 365 和其他 Microsoft 云技术,你可以为工作人员提供安全访问组织的本地和基于云的信息、工具和资源。With Microsoft 365 and other Microsoft cloud technologies, you can provide your workers with secure access to your organization's on-premises and cloud-based information, tools, and resources from their homes.

设置混合工作海报的基础结构Set up your infrastructure for hybrid work poster
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2021 年 6 月更新Updated June 2021

有关详细信息,请参阅此海报文章:使用 Microsoft 365设置混合工作的基础结构For more information, see the article for this poster: Set up your infrastructure for hybrid work with Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Teams安全隔离Microsoft Teams with security isolation

使用 Microsoft 365,可以在 Microsoft Teams 中配置专用团队,并使用 SharePoint 网站安全设置和唯一的敏感度标签加密文件,以便只有团队成员才能解密文件。With Microsoft 365, you can configure a private team in Microsoft Teams and use SharePoint site security settings and a unique sensitivity label to encrypt files so that only team members can decrypt them.

“采用安全隔离的 Microsoft Teams”文章Microsoft Teams with security isolation poster
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2020 年 8 月更新Updated August 2020

有关详细信息,请参阅此海报文章: 使用安全隔离配置团队For more information, see the article for this poster: Configure a team with security isolation.

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