Microsoft Edge 培训和演示Microsoft Edge training and demonstrations

了解 Microsoft Edge 中的安全和兼容性功能,并获取改进可管理性、工作效率以及对旧版应用的支持的技巧。Explore security and compatibility features of Microsoft Edge, and get tips to increase manageability, productivity, and support for legacy apps.

虚拟实验室Virtual labs

Microsoft 动手实验室让你能通过使用私有虚拟机云环境体验软件产品或技术。Microsoft Hands-On Labs let you experience a software product or technology using a cloud-based private virtual machine environment. 无需其他软件或设置,获取对一个或多个虚拟机的免费访问权。Get free access to one or more virtual machines, with no additional software or setup required.

查看自控进度实验室网站上的**使用 Internet Explorer 企业模式修复兼容性问题 (WS00137)。Check out the **Use Internet Explorer Enterprise Mode to fix compatibility issues (WS00137)" on the self-paced labs site.

特性和功能Features and functionality

详细了解经改进的 Microsoft Edge 的新功能以及如何充分利用这些功能,以提升工作效率、安全性、可管理性和对旧版应用的支持,实现安全、现代化的桌面办公。Find out more about new and improved features of Microsoft Edge, and how you can leverage them to bring increased productivity, security, manageability, and support for legacy apps to your secure, modern desktop.

构建更快的浏览器:Microsoft Edge 背后的功能改进Building a faster browser: Behind the scenes improvements in Microsoft Edge

了解关于 Microsoft Edge 及其以更快、更高效为目标的功能改进的幕后故事。Get a behind the scenes look at Microsoft Edge and the improvements we've made to make it faster and more efficient.

构建更安全的浏览器:四项确保用户安全的防护功能Building a safer browser: Four guards to keep users safe

了解我们的安全策略以及我们如何使用四项防护功能确保用户安全浏览 Internet。Learn about our security strategy and how we use the Four Guards to keep your users safe while they browse the Internet.