Microsoft Teams 中的呼叫共享和组内呼叫应答Call sharing and group call pickup in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft 团队的呼叫共享和组呼叫功能允许用户与同事共享传入呼叫,以便同事可以接听在用户不可用时出现的呼叫。The call sharing and group call pickup features of Microsoft Teams let users share their incoming calls with colleagues so that the colleagues can answer calls that occur while the user is unavailable.

组呼叫对收件人的干扰比其他呼叫共享 ((例如呼叫转接或同时拨打) )的干扰较少,因为用户可以通过音频和视觉通知、仅直观或横幅在 "团队" 应用) 中配置接收共享 (呼叫的通知,他们可以决定是否应答。Group call pickup is less disruptive to recipients than other forms of call sharing (such as call forwarding or simultaneous ringing) because users can configure how they want to be notified of an incoming shared call (via audio and visual notification, visual only, or banner in the Teams app), and they can decide whether to answer it.

若要与其他人共享呼叫,用户将创建呼叫组,并添加他们想要与之共享其通话的用户。To share calls with others, a user creates a call group and adds the users they want to share their calls with. 然后选择 "同时拨打" 或 "转发" 设置。Then they choose a simultaneous ring or forward setting. 有关详细信息,请参阅有关团队的呼叫转接和同时拨打的详细信息。See Call forwarding and simultaneous ring in Teams for details.


用户、呼叫组所有者和呼叫组成员必须位于 "仅限团队" 部署模式。Users, the call group owner, and members of the call group must be in Teams Only deployment mode. 有关团队部署模式的更多详细信息,请参阅了解 Microsoft 团队和 Skype For business 共存和互操作性For more details on Teams deployment modes, see Understand Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business coexistence and interoperability

需要许可证License required

用户必须是启用企业语音才能设置和使用呼叫共享和组呼叫装货。Users must be Enterprise Voice enabled to set up and use call sharing and group call pickup. 有关许可模型的其他详细信息,请参阅Microsoft 团队服务说明For additional details on the licensing model, see Microsoft Teams service description.

配置组呼叫装货Configure group call pickup

若要设置组呼叫装货,用户首先配置呼叫组 (这与安全组或 Microsoft 365 组) 不同,然后添加他们想要与其进行共享通话的用户。To set up group call pickup, a user first configures a call group (this is not the same as a security group or a Microsoft 365 group), and then adds the users they want to share their calls with. 然后,选择 "同时拨打" 或 "呼叫转接" 设置。Then, they choose a simultaneous ring or call forward setting. 有关详细信息和分步过程,请参阅团队中的呼叫转接和同时拨打For more information and step-by-step procedures, see Call forwarding and simultaneous ring in Teams.

呼叫组创建和通知首选项是用户驱动的功能;管理员不必为其用户配置这些功能。Call group creation and notification preferences are user-driven features; administrators do not have to configure these features for their users. 无法从安全组或 Microsoft 365 组创建呼叫组;它们必须在团队中创建。Call groups cannot be created from security groups or Microsoft 365 groups; they must be created in Teams.

管理员应通过用户的TeamsCallingPolicy AllowCallGroups设置启用呼叫组。Admins should enable call groups via the TeamsCallingPolicy AllowCallGroups setting for a user. 管理员还可以通过团队管理员门户启用此操作。Admins can also enable this via Teams Admin portal. 此外,已配置的用户还可以直接通过客户端配置其呼叫组。In addition, the configured user can also configure their call groups via the client directly. 管理员或最终用户不能互相阻止配置,但团队管理员门户和团队客户应在这两个位置准确地显示这种关系。Admin or end users cannot block the configuration by each other, but Teams Admin portal and Teams client should show this relationship accurately in both places.

重要提示:当管理员为用户关闭呼叫组时 (,并且呼叫组关系配置) 后,管理员必须清理团队管理中心中的用户的呼叫组关系,以避免不正确的呼叫路由。Important: When admins turn off call groups for users (after it has been turned on and the call group relationships are configured), the admins have to clean up the call group relationships for users in the Teams admin center to avoid incorrect call routing.


一个租户最多可以包含32768个呼叫组。A tenant can contain a maximum of 32,768 call groups. 每个呼叫组中最多只能有25个用户。There can be a maximum of 25 users in each call group.

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