Microsoft 团队开发人员支持和反馈Microsoft Teams developer support and feedback

Microsoft 团队产品团队在多个反馈和支持频道中向开发人员社区做出响应。The Microsoft Teams product team responds to the developer community across several feedback and support channels.

平台支持和反馈通道Platform Support and feedback channels

  • 有关 Microsoft 团队开发人员平台的一般问题: 请将电子邮件发送到Microsoft 团队开发人员支持General questions about the Microsoft Teams developer platform: Please send email to Microsoft Teams developer support. 此电子邮件地址_不适_用于 Microsoft 团队非平台相关功能的注释或建议。This email address is not intended for comments or suggestions on non-platform-related features of Microsoft Teams. 此外,在我们读取发送到此地址的所有电子邮件时,我们不会答复每个电子邮件。Furthermore, while we read all the email sent to this address, we do not reply to every one.

  • 编程问题: 我们会侦听堆栈溢出并对其做出响应。Programming questions: We listen and respond on Stack Overflow. 请参照指南,了解构成一个出色的堆栈溢出问题所需的要素。Follow the guidance about what makes a good question on Stack Overflow. 标记你的问题, microsoft-teams 以便我们的团队和 Microsoft 团队开发人员社区能够找出你的问题。Tag your question with microsoft-teams so that our team and the Microsoft Teams developer community can spot your question.

  • 文档错误: 如果您在 Microsoft 团队开发人员文档中发现 bug,请在 GitHub 上打开一个问题Documentation bugs: If you find a bug in the Microsoft Teams developer documentation, open an issue on GitHub. 请务必告诉我们哪个主题实际上是错误的或不清楚的。Be sure to tell us which topic is factually incorrect or unclear. 为了帮助我们更快地解决问题,请引用要更改的文本。To help us fix the problem more quickly, quote the text to be changed.

  • 示例应用程序错误: 如果在我们的一个示例中发现 bug,请在 GitHub 上打开一个问题。Sample application bugs: If you find a bug in one of our samples, open an issue on GitHub. 请务必描述重现 bug 的步骤。Be sure to describe the steps to reproduce the bug.

  • 功能请求: 如果我们的平台不能为你提供所需的功能,请在 UserVoice 上的Microsoft 团队反馈门户上提供你的功能建议。Feature requests: If our platform doesn't empower you to do what you need, please make your features suggestions on the Microsoft Teams feedback portal on UserVoice.

  • 贡献: 我们接受针对 Microsoft 团队 JavaScript 库、文档和示例的拉取请求。Contributions: We accept pull requests against the Microsoft Teams JavaScript library, documentation, and samples. 如果你想要参与,请参阅每个存储库中的投稿人指南。If you'd like to contribute, please see the contributor's guide in each repo.

产品支持渠道Product Support channels