Microsoft 365 或 Office 365 OneDrive 和 SharePoint Online 多地理启用的租赁中的团队体验Teams experience in a Microsoft 365 or Office 365 OneDrive and SharePoint Online Multi-Geo-enabled tenancy

Microsoft 团队是群组聊天软件,即 Microsoft 365 和 Office 365 中团队协作的中心。Microsoft Teams is group chat software, the hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365 and Office 365. 它由 Microsoft 365 组服务和 SharePoint Online 和 OneDrive for Business (适用于其文件体验)提供支持。It is powered by the Microsoft 365 Groups service along with SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business for its files experience. 在 OneDrive for Business/SharePoint Online 多地域租赁中,租户已扩展到多个地理位置(如北美、欧洲和澳大利亚),基础文件体验是多地区感知,因此团队使用文件协作的体验也很多地区感知。In a OneDrive for Business/SharePoint Online Multi-Geo tenancy, in which the tenant is extended to many geographic locations such as North America, Europe, and Australia, the underlying files experience is Multi-Geo aware, so the Teams experience with file collaboration is also Multi-Geo aware. 这是团队在其本机文件体验中跨多个 Geos 托管的文件的关键前沿功能。This is a key leading-edge capability for Teams to surface files hosted across multiple Geos in its native files experience.

例如,在具有欧洲作为卫星地域和北美的 Contoso 租赁中,欧洲卫星用户将在左窗格中的 "文件" 选项卡下看到他或她的 OneDrive 文件,尽管这些文件是在欧洲数据位置托管的,而美国是租户的中心位置。For example, in a Contoso tenancy with Europe as a satellite Geo and North America as the central Geo, a European satellite user will see his or her OneDrive files under the Files tab in left pane, although the files are hosted in the Europe data location and the United States is the tenant’s central location. 此外,用户可以在 "最近查看" 视图下访问最近使用过的文件。Also, the user can access the most recently used files under the Recent view blade. "最近使用的文件" 可能包括与用户共享的与其他 Geos 中的用户共享的文件,并且可能会在该租户扩展到的其他地域位置中使用。Recent files may include files shared with the user from users in other Geos and might be mastered in other Geo locations that the tenant is extended to.

给定团队的组网站也是多地区识别。A given Team’s group site is also Multi-Geo aware. 也就是说,如果欧洲卫星用户正在创建团队,则会在欧洲位置创建相应的组网站,并且与该团队组相关联的文件将保留在该位置的其他位置。That is, if a European satellite user is creating a Team, the corresponding Groups site will be created in the Europe location and the files associated with that Team group will be kept at rest in that location. 任何后续体验(如上载新文件或编辑文件)将定向到该欧洲位置,从而保证数据对这些文件的派驻。Any subsequent experiences, such as uploading a new file or editing the file, will be targeted to that European location, keeping the promise of data residency for those files. 这一切都是由基础基金会 Microsoft 365 组变为多地区识别所实现的。This is all made possible by the underlying foundation Microsoft 365 Groups becoming Multi-Geo aware.

由于多地域租赁是单个全局租户,因此在 @ 提及卫星用户将能够从世界各地看到他们的同事,无论他们在哪里。Because a Multi-Geo tenancy is a single global tenant, during @ mentions satellite users will be able to see their colleagues from across the globe, no matter where they reside.

请注意,团队体验中的聊天和会议 IM 笔记中的对话不是多地区感知,它们仅保留在租户的中央位置。Note that conversations in chats and meeting IM notes within the Teams experience are not Multi-Geo aware and are all kept only inside the central location of the tenant. 通常,聊天对话不会应用于数据派驻服务需求。Typically, chat conversations aren’t applied to data residency needs.

有关多地区的详细信息,请参阅Microsoft 多地区功能页面For more information about Multi-Geo, refer to the Microsoft Multi-Geo capabilities page.