SupportUrl 元素SupportUrl element

指定提供外接程序支持信息的页面的 URL。Specifies the URL of a page that provides support information for your add-in.


  <IconUrl DefaultValue="" />
  <HighResolutionIconUrl DefaultValue=""/>
  <SupportUrl DefaultValue=" " />

包含于Contained in


可以包含Can contain

元素Element 必需Required 说明Description
OverrideOverride No 指定其他区域设置 URL 的设置Specifies the setting for additional locale urls


属性Attribute 类型Type 必需Required 说明Description
DefaultValueDefaultValue URLURL 必需required 指定该设置的默认值,表示为 DefaultLocale 元素中指定的区域设置。Specifies the default value for this setting, expressed for the locale specified in the DefaultLocale element.