Office VBA 支持和反馈Office VBA support and feedback

有问题或有关 Office VBA 或本文档的反馈?Have questions or feedback about Office VBA or this documentation? 以下列表提供指南有关的方式可以接收支持,并提供反馈。The following list provides guidance about the ways you can receive support and provide feedback.

SubjectSubject 指南Guidance
VBA 编程问题VBA programming questions 发布到堆栈溢出VBA 编程问题,使用vba标记,以及任何其他相关的标记。Post VBA programming questions to Stack Overflow by using the vba tag, along with any other relevant tags.

请注意,Stack Overflow 规定了相关准则,如必须有描述性标题、完整简明的问题陈述,以及重现问题所需的足够多详细信息。Please note that Stack Overflow has guidelines such as requiring a descriptive title, a complete and concise problem statement, and sufficient details to reproduce your issue. 功能请求或过于广泛问题视为关闭主题。Feature requests or overly broad questions are considered off-topic. 如果您的新用户,请访问堆栈溢出帮助中心的详细信息。If you're a new user, visit the Stack Overflow Help Center for more information.
文档更新Documentation updates 要建议对文章的更改,选择右上角的文章中的编辑链接,并提交到MicrosoftDocs/VBA 文档GitHub 存储库拉请求。To propose changes to an article, choose the Edit link in the top right corner of the article and submit a pull request to the MicrosoftDocs/VBA-Docs GitHub repository.
文档反馈Documentation feedback 提供有关项目的反馈使用很有此页? 对话框右下角中的文章。Provide feedback about an article by using the Is this page helpful? dialog box in the lower right corner of the article.
Office 辅助支持Office assisted support 使用 Office 辅助支持以下频道之一:Use one of the following channels for Office assisted support:
产品反馈Product feedback 若要提供有关 Microsoft Office 产品,例如 Excel 或 Word 的反馈,使用产品反馈功能中所述如何在 Microsoft Office 提供反馈?To provide feedback about a Microsoft Office product such as Excel or Word, use the in-product feedback feature as described in How do I give feedback on Microsoft Office?