Office 365 冠军拥护者计划Office 365 Champions Program


Microsoft 提供免费的 Office 365 拥护者程序来支持全球的拥护者角色。Microsoft provides a free Office 365 Champions program to support the Champion role worldwide. 此计划提供了在线社区、每月社区呼叫和内容促进采用 Office 365 中的各种服务。This program provides an online community, monthly community calls and content driving adoption across a variety of services in Office 365.

此程序对所有人开放。This program is open to everyone. 我们建议, 至少在组织中运行冠军程序的任何人都成为成员, 以获取可在其自己的程序中使用的冠军培训材料的访问权限。We recommend that at a minimum anyone running a Champion program in their organization become a member to get access to Champion training materials that can be utilized in their own program.

立即注册, 成为全球社区的一部分: up today to become a part of the worldwide community at