Azure 与 Office 365 集成Azure integration with Office 365

此文章适用于 Office 365 企业版和 Microsoft 365 企业版。This article applies to both Office 365 Enterprise and Microsoft 365 Enterprise.

Office 365 使用 Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)管理场景背后的用户身份。Office 365 uses Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to manage user identities behind the scenes. Office 365 订阅包括对 Azure AD 的免费订阅,因此,如果要同步密码或使用本地环境设置单一登录,则可以将 Office 365 与 Azure AD 集成。Your Office 365 subscription includes a free subscription to Azure AD so that you can integrate Office 365 with Azure AD if you want to sync passwords or set up single sign-on with your on-premises environment. 您还可以购买高级功能,以便更好地管理帐户。You can also buy advanced features to better manage your accounts.

Azure 还提供其他功能(如管理集成的应用程序),您可以使用这些功能来扩展和自定义 Office 365 订阅。Azure also offers other functionality, like managing integrated apps, that you can use to extend and customize your Office 365 subscriptions.

您可以使用 Azure AD 部署顾问进行引导式设置和配置体验(您必须登录到 Office 365):You can use the Azure AD deployment advisors for a guided setup and configuration experience (you must be signed in to Office 365):

Azure AD 版本和 Office 365 身份管理Azure AD editions and Office 365 identity management

如果你已付费订阅 Office 365,你也可以免费订阅 Azure AD。If you have a paid subscription to Office 365, you also have a free subscription to Azure AD. 您可以使用 Azure AD 创建和管理用户和组帐户。You can use Azure AD to create and manage user and group accounts. 若要激活此订阅,你必须完成一次性注册。To activate this subscription you have to complete a one-time registration. 之后,你可以从 Office 365 管理门户访问 Azure AD。Afterward, you can access Azure AD from your Office 365 admin portal.

有关说明,请参阅使用免费的 AZURE AD 订阅For instructions, see use your free Azure AD subscription. 按照说明在 Office 365 中注册订阅随附的免费 Azure AD 订阅。Follow the instructions to register the free Azure AD subscription that comes with your subscription to Office 365. 请勿直接转到 进行注册,否则你将结束与 Microsoft Azure 的试用版或付费订阅(与 Office 365 中的免费订阅分开)。Don't go directly to to sign up or you'll end up with a trial or paid subscription to Microsoft Azure that is separate from your free one for Office 365.

使用免费订阅,您可以与本地目录同步,设置单一登录,并与服务应用程序(如 Salesforce、DropBox 和更多)作为服务应用程序与多个软件同步。With the free subscription you can synchronize with on-premises directories, set up single sign-on, and synchronize with many software as service applications, such as Salesforce, DropBox and many more.

如果需要增强的 Active Directory 域服务(AD DS)功能、双向同步和其他管理功能,可以将免费订阅升级到付费的高级订阅。If you want enhanced Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) functionality, bi-directional synchronization, and other management capabilities, you can upgrade your free subscription to a paid premium subscription. 有关详细信息,请参阅Azure Active Directory 版本For details see Azure Active Directory editions.

有关 Office 365 和 Azure AD 的详细信息,请参阅了解 office 365 标识和 Azure Active DirectoryFor more information about Office 365 and Azure AD, see Understanding Office 365 Identity and Azure Active Directory.

扩展 Office 365 租户的功能Extend the capabilities of your Office 365 tenant

功能Feature 说明Description
集成应用程序Integrated apps
您可以向各个应用授予对您的 Office 365 数据(如邮件、日历、联系人、用户、组、文件和文件夹)的访问权限。You can grant individual apps access to your Office 365 data, like mail, calendars, contacts, users, groups, files, and folders. 你还可以在全局管理员级别授权这些应用,并通过在 Azure AD 中注册应用,使其对你的整个公司可用。You can also authorize these apps at global admin level and make them available to your entire company by registering the apps in Azure AD. 有关详细信息,请参阅集成应用和适用于 Office 365 的 AZURE AD 管理员For details see Integrated Apps and Azure AD for Office 365 administrators.
另请参阅应用程序的单一登录Also see single sign-on to applications.
Power apps 是可连接到现有数据源(如 SharePoint 列表和其他数据应用程序)的移动设备的重点应用程序。Power apps are focused apps for mobile devices that can connect to your existing data sources like SharePoint lists, and other data apps. 有关详细信息,请参阅Create a PowerApp for a list In SharePoint Online and PowerApps pageSee Create a PowerApp for a list in SharePoint Online and PowerApps page for details.

有关详细信息,请参阅集成应用和 AZURE ad For Office 365 管理员azure ad 应用程序库和单一登录Learn more at Integrated Apps and Azure AD for Office 365 administrators and Azure AD application gallery and single-sign-on.

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