Kaizala 应用程序年龄验证Kaizala app age verification

您必须至少16岁才能使用您所在国家的 Kaizala 应用,而无需父母同意。You must be at least 16 years old to use the Kaizala app in your country, without parental consent. 您需要使用出生日期登录才能使用此应用。You are required to sign in with your birth-date to use this app.

如果你超过16,并且输入了错误的出生日期,请卸载并重新安装 Kaizala 应用。If you're over 16 and have entered an incorrect birthdate, uninstall and reinstall the Kaizala app. 然后重新输入出生日期以继续。Then re-enter your birthdate to continue.