Office 365 GCC 高和 DoDOffice 365 GCC High and DoD

为了满足美国国防部的独特和不断发展的要求,以及持有或处理 DoD 控制的未分类信息的承包商, (CUI) 或遵守 ITAR 规章中的国际流量 () ,Microsoft 提供了 GCC 的高和 DoD 环境。To meet the unique and evolving requirements of the United States Department of Defense, as well as contractors holding or processing DoD controlled unclassified information (CUI) or subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Microsoft offers GCC High and DoD environments. 为确保有资格建立环境,感兴趣的组织可以通过批量许可完成验证流程。Available through Volume Licensing, interested organizations go through a validation process to ensure eligibility before an environment is established. 暂不提供试用。Trials are not available at this time.

与你的帐户团队或首选合作伙伴联系,了解详细信息或启动验证流程。Engage your account team or preferred partner to learn more or initiate the validation process. 有关如何购买的详细信息,请参阅 Microsoft 365 政府-如何购买For more information on how to buy, see Microsoft 365 Government - How to Buy.

如何使用本服务说明How to use this service description

Office 365 美国政府版服务说明旨在用作常规 Office 365 服务说明的覆盖。The Office 365 US Government service description is designed to serve as an overlay to the general Office 365 service description. 它定义了与 Office 365 for enterprise 产品相比的独特承诺和差异。It defines the unique commitments and differences compared to Office 365 for enterprise offerings.


GCC High and DoD 满足以下认证和资格鉴定的合规性要求:GCC High and DoD meet the compliance requirements for the following certifications and accreditations:

  • FedRAMP 高的联邦风险和授权管理计划,包括这些安全控制和控制增强,如美国国家标准和技术协会 (NIST) 特殊出版物800-53 中所述。The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program at FedRAMP High, including those security controls and control enhancements as outlined in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-53.

  • 高至影响级别 5 (L5) 的信息的美国国防部云计算安全要求指南 (SRG) 的安全控制和增强控制。The security controls and control enhancements for United States Department of Defense Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide (SRG) for information up to Impact Level 5 (L5).

Office 365 的国防部订阅者将从符合 DOD SRG L5 的 DOD 独家环境中接收服务。Department of Defense subscribers to Office 365 will receive services provided from the DOD exclusive environment that meets DOD SRG L5. 非防御部门订阅者将接收来自美国政府防御环境的服务,这些服务在 L5 进行评估,但使用 L4 分段。Non-Department of Defense subscribers will receive services from the US Government Defense environment that is assessed at L5, but uses L4 segmentation.

后台筛选Background screening

Office 365 员工不具有对 GCC 高和 DoD 生产的长期访问权限。Office 365 staff do not have standing access to GCC High and DoD production. 任何请求临时权限提升(以授予客户内容访问权限)的人员都必须先通过以下背景检查。Any staff who request temporary permission elevation that would grant access to customer content must first have passed the following background checks.

Microsoft 人员筛选和背景检查1Microsoft personnel screening and background checks1 DescriptionDescription
美国公民身份U.S. Citizenship
核实美国公民身份Verification of U.S. citizenship
工作经历调查Employment History Check
核实七 (7) 年的工作经历Verification of seven (7) year employment history
核实教育背景Education Verification
核实最高学历Verification of highest degree attained
搜索社会安全号码 (SSN)Social Security Number (SSN) Search
核实所提供的 SSN 是否有效Verification that the provided SSN is valid
犯罪记录调查Criminal History Check
调查州、县、地方级和联邦级七 (7) 年的重罪和轻罪犯罪记录A seven (7) year criminal record check for felony and misdemeanor offenses at the state, county, and local level and at the federal level
海外资产控制办公室 (OFAC) 名单Office of Foreign Assets Control List (OFAC)
核实是否被归入美国财政部发布的美国公民不得与之有贸易或金融往来的团体名单Validation against the Department of Treasury list of groups with whom U.S. persons are not allowed to engage in trade or financial transactions
工业安全局 (BIS) 名单Bureau of Industry and Security List (BIS)
核实是否被归入美国商务部发布的禁止从事出口活动的个人和实体名单Validation against the Department of Commerce list of individuals and entities barred from engaging in export activities
国防贸易管制办公室 (DDTC) 禁止人员名单Office of Defense Trade Controls Debarred Persons List (DDTC)
核实是否被归入美国国务院发布的禁止从事与国防工业有关的出口活动的个人和实体名单Validation against the Department of State list of individuals and entities barred from engaging in export activities related to the defense industry
指纹检查Fingerprinting Check
根据 FBI 数据库进行指纹背景调查Fingerprint background check against FBI databases
国防部 IT-2Department of Defense IT-2
请求对客户数据提升的权限或对国防部 SRG L5 服务功能的特权管理访问权限的员工必须通过国防部 IT-2 裁定,该裁定基于成功的 OPM 第 3 层调查。Staff requesting elevated permissions to customer data or privileged administrative access to Dept of Defense SRG L5 service capacities must pass Department of Defense IT-2 adjudication based on a successful OPM Tier 3 investigation

1 仅适用于具有临时或有权访问托管在 OFFICE 365 美国 GCC (高或 DOD 云)中的客户内容的人员。1 Applies only to personnel with temporary or standing access to customer content hosted in Office 365 US GCC-High or DOD clouds.

基于符合性云体系结构的功能细微Feature nuances based on compliant cloud architecture

在 GCC 高和 DoD 环境中的订阅包括核心 Exchange Online、SharePoint 和 Skype for Business 功能。Subscriptions in the GCC High and DoD environments include the core Exchange Online, SharePoint, and Skype for Business features. 如果基础结构的认证和资格鉴定增多,则一般商业版 Office 365 产品与 GCC 高和 DoD 中提供的功能之间存在一些功能差异。Given the increased certification and accreditation of the infrastructure, there are some feature differences between the general commercial Office 365 offerings and those available in GCC High and DoD.

Exchange OnlineExchange Online

适用于本地 ip-pbx 的 Exchange Online 统一消息支持 -支持将本地 IP-pbx 系统与 Exchange Online 统一消息集成在 GCC 高级和 DoD 订阅中不受支持。Exchange Online Unified Messaging Support for On-Premises IP-PBX - Support for integrating on-premises IP-PBX systems with Exchange Online Unified Messaging is not supported in GCC High and DoD subscriptions.

文件共享File sharing

用户可以使用多个选项在 SharePoint 和 OneDrive 中共享文件和文件夹。Users have multiple options for sharing files and folders in SharePoint and OneDrive. 所有选项在 GCC 的高和 DoD 环境中都可用。All the options are available in the GCC High and DoD environments. 有关管理这些选项的详细信息,请参阅 管理共享设置For more information about managing these options, see Manage sharing settings. 在 gcc 中,高的用户将能够仅与 GCC 中的其他组织共享。Users in GCC-High will be able to share only with other organizations in GCC-High. 此外,不支持附加到用户配置文件的非 GCC 高电子邮件地址,也不允许发送警报电子邮件。Additionally, NON-GCC High email addresses attached to user profiles are not supported and will not allow alert emails to be sent. 例如,在本地用户 A 分配了 Gmail 电子邮件地址,然后同步到 Azure GCC 高组织。For example, on premises User A is assigned a Gmail email address and then synced to an Azure GCC High organization. 用户 A 导航到库并为任何更改创建警报。User A navigates to a library and creates an alert for any changes. 将不会向 Gmail 地址发送通知。The alert will not be sent to the Gmail address.


GCC-高的用户目前无法与非 GCC 的高组织中的用户共享。Users in GCC-High are currently unable to share with users in Non-GCC High organizations.

文件请求 不适用于 Office 365 政府版。File requests are not available for Office 365 Government.

Skype for Business OnlineSkype for Business Online

PSTN 呼叫 & PSTN 会议 -由于需要使用面向电话服务的公开交换电话网络 (pstn) , & 因此在 GCC 高和 DoD 中,pstn 呼叫 pstn 会议服务目前不可用。PSTN Calling & PSTN Conferencing - Due to the requirement to use the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) for telephony-oriented services, PSTN Calling & PSTN Conferencing services are currently not available in GCC High and DoD.

Microsoft TeamsMicrosoft Teams

通过直接路由) 的电话系统和音频会议 ( -通过直接路由传递针对 GCC 高和 DoD 环境的电话系统和音频会议。Phone System and Audio Conferencing (via Direct Routing) - Phone System and Audio Conferencing for GCC High and DoD environments are being delivered via Direct Routing. 有关详细信息,请参阅此处的服务级别文档:For more information, see the service level documentation here:


使用联合身份模型的多重身份验证允许使用 PIV 和 CAC 卡。Multi-factor authentication using a federated identity model enables the use of PIV and CAC cards.


适用于 enterprise 的 Yammer 在 GCC 高和 DoD 环境中不可用。Yammer for enterprise is not available in the GCC High and DoD environments.

客户支持Customer support

在使用 Office 365 GCC High/DOD 时,Microsoft 会提醒您不要将任何受控制的敏感信息或机密信息作为支持事件的一部分共享,除非您确认支持代理的授权才能查看或访问此类数据。Microsoft reminds you not to share any controlled, sensitive, or confidential information with customer support personnel as part of your support incident when using Office 365 GCC High/DOD, at least until you confirm the support agent's authorization to view or access such data.

Microsoft 致力于保护你的 隐私) 。Microsoft is committed to protecting your privacy). 但是,服务资格鉴定边界中不包含 Office 365 GCC High/DoD 支持,也不提供 FedRAMP、DOD SRG、ITAR、IRS 1075 或 CJIS 数据处理合规性保证。However, Office 365 GCC High/DoD support is not included in the service accreditation boundary and does not provide FedRAMP, DOD SRG, ITAR, IRS 1075, or CJIS data handling compliance assurances.