将 Windows 已知文件夹重定向和移动到 OneDriveRedirect and move Windows known folders to OneDrive

本文适用于管理 OneDrive 同步应用的 IT 管理员。This article is for IT admins managing the OneDrive sync app.

为域中的用户将 Windows 已知文件夹 (桌面、文档、图片、屏幕截图和相机滚动) 移动或重定向到 Microsoft OneDrive 有两个主要优点:There are two primary advantages of moving or redirecting Windows known folders (Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Screenshots, and Camera Roll) to Microsoft OneDrive for the users in your domain:

  • 你的用户可以继续使用他们熟悉的文件夹。Your users can continue using the folders they're familiar with. 他们不必改变日常工作习惯,将文件保存到 OneDrive。They don't have to change their daily work habits to save files to OneDrive.

  • 将文件保存至 OneDrive 可备份云中的用户数据,并授予用户从任何设备访问文件的访问权限。Saving files to OneDrive backs up your users' data in the cloud and gives them access to their files from any device.

出于这些原因,如果你是企业组织或大型组织,我们建议将已知文件夹移动或重定向到 OneDrive。For these reasons, we recommend moving or redirecting known folders to OneDrive if you're an enterprise or large organization. 请参阅我们有关配置同步应用的所有建议See all our recommendations for configuring the sync app. 中小型企业也可能发现这非常有用,但请记住,你将需要一些配置策略的经验。Small or medium businesses may also find this useful, but keep in mind you'll need some experience configuring policies. 有关最终用户体验的信息,请参阅将文件保存至 OneDrive 来保护文件For info about the end-user experience, see Protect your files by saving them to OneDrive.

准备移动现有设备的已知文件夹Prepare to move known folders on existing devices

我们建议您在部署之前升级到最新的可用内部版本,以减少部署问题。We recommend that you upgrade to the latest available build before you deploy to decrease deployment issues. 已知文件夹移动对在 SharePoint Server 中同步 OneDrive 文件的用户不起作用。Known Folder Move doesn't work for users syncing OneDrive files in SharePoint Server.

若要在决定推出计划时检查现有设备、数据量和项目计数的资格,以及以后监视推出进度,请使用"已知文件夹移动 PowerShell"脚本。To check eligibility on existing devices, data volume, and item counts as you decide on a rollout plan, and to later monitor progress of the rollout, use the Known Folder Move PowerShell script.


如果组织规模较大,并且用户已知文件夹中有许多文件,请确保缓慢推出配置,以最大限度地减少上载文件对网络的影响。If your organization is large and your users have a lot of files in their known folders, make sure you roll out the configuration slowly to minimize the network impact of uploading files. 对于已知文件夹中有许多文件的用户,请考虑使用策略将同步应用上传速率暂时限制为吞吐量的百分比,以最大限度地减少网络影响,然后在上传完成后禁用策略。For users who have a lot of files in their known folders, consider using the policy Limit the sync app upload rate to a percentage of throughput temporarily to minimize the network impact and then disable the policy once uploads are complete.

关于已知文件夹移动策略About the Known Folder Move policies

可以使用组策略 、Intune Windows 10管理模板或配置注册表设置来设置 OneDrive 策略。OneDrive policies can be set using Group Policy, Intune Windows 10 Administrative Templates, or by configuring registry settings. 有关可用策略及其注册表设置的完整参考,请参阅使用 OneDrive 策略控制同步设置For a full reference of available policies and their registry settings, see Use OneDrive policies to control sync settings.

以下策略控制已知文件夹移动功能:The following policies control the Known Folder Move feature:

  • 提示用户将 Windows 已知文件夹移动到 OneDrivePrompt users to move Windows known folders to OneDrive

    使用此设置可让用户调用操作来移动其 Windows 已知文件夹。Use this setting to give the users a call to action to move their Windows known folders.


    如果用户消除提示,提醒通知将显示在活动中心,直到移动所有已知文件夹,或者移动时出错,在这种情况下,提醒通知将消除。If users dismiss the prompt, a reminder notification will appear in the activity center until they move all known folders or an error occurs with the move, in which case the reminder notification will be dismissed.


    如果用户已将其已知文件夹重定向到其他 OneDrive 帐户,系统将提示他们将文件夹定向到组织帐户 (将现有文件保留) 。If a user has already redirected their known folders to a different OneDrive account, they'll be prompted to direct the folders to the account for your organization (leaving existing files behind).


    我们建议仅为现有设备部署提示策略,将部署限制为每天 5,000 台设备,每周不超过 20,000 台设备。We recommend deploying the prompt policy for existing devices only, and limiting the deployment to 5,000 devices a day and not exceeding 20,000 devices a week.

  • 将 Windows 已知文件夹以无提示方式移动到 OneDriveSilently move Windows known folders to OneDrive

    使用此设置将已知文件夹重定向并移动到 OneDrive,而无需任何用户交互。Use this setting to redirect and move known folders to OneDrive without any user interaction. 移动所有文件夹或选择所需的单个文件夹。Move all the folders or select the desired individual folders. 移动文件夹后,即使文件夹的选择发生更改,该策略也不会影响该文件夹。After a folder is moved, the policy will not affect the folder again, even if the selection for the folder changes.


    可以选择在重定向用户的文件夹后向用户显示通知。You can choose to display a notification to users after their folders have been redirected.

    许多错误可能会阻止此设置生效,例如:A number of errors can prevent this setting from taking effect, such as:

    • 文件超过最大路径长度A file exceeds the maximum path length
    • 已知文件夹不在默认位置The known folders aren't in the default locations
    • 文件夹保护不可用Folder protection is unavailable
    • 禁止重定向已知文件夹Known folders are prohibited from being redirected

    有关这些错误的信息,请参阅 修复文件夹保护问题For info about these errors, see Fix problems with folder protection.


    建议为现有设备和新设备部署无提示策略,同时将现有设备的部署限制为每天 1,000 台设备,每周不超过 4,000 台设备。We recommend deploying the silent policy for existing devices and new devices while limiting the deployment of existing devices to 1,000 devices a day and not exceeding 4,000 devices a week. 我们还建议将此设置与"提示用户将 Windows 已知文件夹移动到 OneDrive"一同使用。We also recommend using this setting together with "Prompt users to move Windows known folders to OneDrive." 如果无提示地移动已知文件夹失败,系统将提示用户更正错误,然后继续。If moving the known folders silently does not succeed, users will be prompted to correct the error and continue.

  • 阻止用户将其 Windows 已知文件夹重定向到电脑Prevent users from redirecting their Windows known folders to their PC

    使用此设置强制用户保留其已知文件夹定向到 OneDrive。Use this setting to force users to keep their known folders directed to OneDrive.


    用户可以通过打开 OneDrive 同步应用设置、单击"备份"选项卡,然后单击"管理备份"来指示其已知 文件夹Users can direct their known folders by opening OneDrive sync app settings, clicking the Backup tab, and then clicking Manage backup.

  • 阻止用户将其 Windows 已知文件夹移动到 OneDrivePrevent users from moving their Windows known folders to OneDrive

有关使用 OneDrive 策略的信息,请参阅使用 组策略控制 OneDrive 同步应用设置For info about using the OneDrive policies, see Use Group Policy to control OneDrive sync app settings.

从 Windows 文件夹重定向组策略对象转换Transition from the Windows Folder Redirection Group Policy objects

如果之前使用 Windows 文件夹重定向组策略对象将文档、图片或桌面文件夹重定向到 OneDrive 外的位置,OneDrive 已知文件夹移动组策略对象将不起作用。The OneDrive Known Folder Move Group Policy objects won't work if you previously used Windows Folder Redirection Group Policy objects to redirect the Documents, Pictures, or Desktop folders to a location other than OneDrive. OneDrive 组策略对象不会影响音乐和视频文件夹,因此可以使用 Windows 组策略对象将其保持重定向。The OneDrive Group Policy objects won't affect the Music and Videos folders, so you can keep them redirected with the Windows Group Policy objects. 按照以下步骤切换到使用已知文件夹移动组策略对象。Follow these steps to switch to using the Known Folder Move Group Policy objects.

  • 如果文件夹已使用 Windows 文件夹重定向组策略重定向到 OneDrive:If folders have been redirected to OneDrive using Windows Folder Redirection Group Policy:

    1. 禁用 Window 文件夹重定向组策略,并确保将文件夹和内容留在 OneDrive 上。Disable the Window Folder Redirection Group Policy and make sure to leave the folder and contents on OneDrive.
    2. 启用 KFM 组策略。Enable KFM Group Policy. 已知文件夹保留在 OneDrive 中。Known folders remain in OneDrive.
  • 如果文件夹已重定向到本地电脑上的位置:If folders have been redirected to a location on a local PC:

    1. 禁用 Window 文件夹重定向组策略,并确保将文件夹和内容留在重定向的位置。Disable the Window Folder Redirection Group Policy and make sure to leave the folder and contents at the redirected location.
    2. 启用 KFM 组策略。Enable KFM Group Policy. 已知文件夹将移动到 OneDrive。Known folders move to OneDrive.
  • 如果文件夹已重定向到网络文件共享:If folders have been redirected to a network file share:


    我们建议使用 Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (版本 1709 或更高版本) 或 Windows Server 2019 以及当前版本的 OneDrive,从文件随需获取权益。We recommend using Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (version 1709 or later) or Windows Server 2019 and the current version of OneDrive to get the benefits from Files On-Demand.

    1. 使用迁移工具 将网络文件共享位置中的内容复制到用户的 OneDrive,确保所有内容都放入现有文档、图片或桌面文件夹中。Use a migration tool to copy contents in the network file share location to a user's OneDrive, making sure that all contents go into the existing Documents, Pictures, or Desktop folders.
    2. 禁用 Window 文件夹重定向组策略,并确保将文件夹和内容留在网络文件共享上。Disable the Window Folder Redirection Group Policy and make sure to leave the folder and contents on the network file share.
    3. 启用 KFM 组策略。Enable KFM Group Policy. 已知文件夹将移动到 OneDrive,并且将与现有桌面、文档和图片文件夹合并,其中包含你在第一步中移动的所有文件共享内容。Known folders move to OneDrive and will merge with the existing Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders which contain all the file share content that you moved in the first step.