Outlook API 参考文档API reference documentation

Outlook REST API 属于 Microsoft GraphThe Outlook REST APIs are a part of the Microsoft Graph. Microsoft 建议使用 Microsoft Graph 访问 Outlook 邮件、日历和联系人。Microsoft recommends using Microsoft Graph to access Outlook mail, calendar, and contacts. 只有当需要使用 Graph 终结点上没有的功能时,才应直接使用 Outlook API(通过 https://outlook.office.com/api)。You should use the Outlook API endpoints directly (via https://outlook.office.com/api) only if you require a feature that is not available on the Graph endpoints.

若要详细了解 Graph 和 Outlook 终结点的差异,请参阅比较 Microsoft Graph 和 Outlook 终结点For more information on the differences between Graph and the Outlook endpoints, see Compare the Microsoft Graph and Outlook endpoints.

已发布的 APIReleased APIs

以下 API 已经发布,并可在 Graph 和 Outlook 终结点中用于生产用途。The following APIs are released and ready for production use in both the Graph and Outlook endpoints.

转换 APITransitioning APIs

以下 API 已经发布,并可在 Outlook 终结点中用于生产用途,但是在 Graph 终结点中尚处于预览状态。The following APIs are released and ready for production in the Outlook endpoint, but are in preview status in the Graph endpoint.